Saturday, August 11, 2007

Trauma or False Alarm?

This tale will be told with some photos from around my garden!

We spent a lovely day Thursday enjoying the sun, pottering round the garden and making bath bombs with my neighbour, so easy to do and I must admit probably better to do in the garden!!!

This is one the new 'Brug' which is now showing the orange ring around the end of the petals!

Whilst round at my neighbours T started coughing and then complaining of a pain that ran down the side of her neck, we gave her a glass of water and it seem to subside, so we carried on.

The beautiful dahlia fully opened. This is the first year I have grown them, I will have to check with Ruth as to what to do with them over winter!!!

Once we had finished we packed up, helped tidy away and trundled back home. T had become very quiet and was getting paler by the minute, which is quite something as she is already pale anyway! She now had a pain in her chest!!!

Another view of the new 'Brug'!

As we only had one car, the other was in for its MOT, I made a Doctors appointment, took K to work and then went straight to the Drs with T.
She was very thorough but concluded that it was 'a virus'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alocasia with dew!

Got back home and there was a message on the answer machine from hubby! Could I phone him on his mobile! Odd, as he rarely asks this! So I did, he had just been to the physio as he had an extremely bad pain in his right calf, she thought it maybe DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and he should see his GP straight away!


So he made the appointment, hopped on his bike and drove 22 miles back to our GP. He was not convinced but bearing in mind his past history (he has had DVT before which was very serious as it went to his lungs)he made him an appointment at the main hospital.

Morning Glory, such a bright purple! Lovely but I still prefer sweetpeas!

So he drove the 22 miles back from where he had come as the hospital is only round the corner from where he works!

Red Caster Oil plant, flower, most unusual! Hasn't grown as big as I hoped!

After a series of tests, they too weren't sure but gave him a 'heparin' injection in the stomach and told him to come back at 4pm Friday for a scan!

Top view of an arum lily! I really love these and intend to plant lots more!

So we went back yesterday and it turns out not to be a 'clot' but the physio was definate it was not muscular so this obviously need investigating further!!!!
I had to cancel my pre-addmission appointment which was Friday afternoon, but as I have had so many ops with them over the last 6 months they where happy to me answering questions over the phone. I also said I did not really want to cancel incase hubbys DVT turned out not to be! So with great relief (I think!) hubby is fine, but I have still to go and have my op Monday!!!

This is my original 10ft tall Brugmansia which has flowered none stop since heaven knows when this year! I have chosen to let it get this height, they can be prunned to keep it at a reasonable size! I have a number of Brugs just waiting to open there buds so I should have pics of a few more different colours soon!
I do have some small Brugs and will be taking some cuttings of others soon, if you are interested please contact me for prices.(currently most expensive £5 plus p&p) They must be overwintered in a greenhouse or indoors as they dislike frost intensely!
UK only!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thought for Thursday 3

'You can't fail if you never give up!'

plus some pics of my puss cats

Sassy has 'found' K again! If you remember before she went to Uni K and Sassy where inseparable. Well she has moved in on her and follows her everywhere.

Sleeps on a pile of clean clothes? Why do students never keep there own rooms as tidy as they do at Uni?

Is now sleeping on her bed at night. Which I find worrying as I know how much she will fret when K goes back to Uni! Fortunately K will be away abit at the end of the summer so hopefully that will help wean sassy off!!!

She knows where to find the sunny spots!

Last night hubby and I where up late (for us) working on a letter to the council about the equestrian centre. Tango was wrapping round our feet, meowing away and would not give up, demanding attention, which was very distracting

then as we finished and turned off the computer he dashed up the stairs and started being silly.

We realised he had been asking why weren't we in bed?

Once he realised we where on the way up, he charged ahead and leapt onto the bed to await our arrival!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Some Colour in the Garden!

Aren't the Daliha's a beautiful colour? I know one is only half open but isn't going to be beautiful!!!

I had the whole day to myself yesterday, both K and Hubby where at work until 9pm! T was out with her friend also until 9pm!

So what do you do with a free 12 hours???????????????????? Well first I washed the car, whilst it was cool. Then I repotted some plants.
Then I covered the dining table with crafty things! Now you maybe surprised by this, as you know I knit, sew, garden, paint-walls etc, but craft mmmmmmmmmmmm, not me! But I had seen something nice and simple I wanted to have a go at......... so what would you do with all of this.......

well you will find out but not just yet! I found this lovely little book which is full of fantastic ideas which I love. So I will be hitting Ebay again!!!!! Watch this space!!!

Sorry got to dash, so little time, so much to do!!!!!!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Back again!

We had a lovely time, plenty of good company, good food and lashings of wine and even birthday cake, it was my nieces 21st! But boy was it warm, I got sunburnt, which is surprising as I am always very careful, but we spent alot of time outside in the shade of the trees and I am crisp!!!!!!
Whilst we where there, there was a most glorious sunset

We travelled back Saturday evening as I couldn't bear the thought of being stuck in traffic in the heat and we had a brilliant journey. Sunday morning I was back out in the garden finishing off what I had started on the patio before I left. Would you like a look?

Now after..

We had 2 reasons for doing this:-
1. the ivy was taking over
2. I had to move my water feature

You can see it in the 2nd after pic, bottom left. To be honest it had to be sorted as we are awaiting delivery of a large water butt which ment digging up plants which are now dieing and re-laying slabs.

Right things to do, must dash.....................