Friday, July 06, 2007

Don't Walk into the Light!!!! Go down the Garden!

The farmer has altered the lights and will be switching them on tonight at 10pm they will be warmed up by 10.30! I don't think it will be dark enough plus will we get a true reflection of what it will look like in winter with all the leaves on the trees! I'm really not sure what to do?
Interestingly enough I spoke to the guy at the planning office and he obviously didn't say in so many words but I got a strong feeling he was not keen on these lights!!
MMMmmmmmm, we will see.

I am so tee'd off with the rain now. The grass is about 8 inches long,

which is going to be difficult to cut as we no longer own a motor mower, the lawn has got so small that we got ourselves a push mower, which is brilliant, except when the grass gets long!!!

I can't dig, or weed cos the ground is too soggy. I need to get the greenhouse up as the coal is being delivered on the 8th August and at the moment no one can get anywhere near the bunkers!!!

So what else is going on down the soggy garden????

Things are growing.......

Flower beds are blooming......

Look at the state of the tomaotes? I haven't the foggiest why they are so leggy!!!!

Peppers are growing...

These are the second lot of Brugmansia cuttings I've taken, some are looking a bit sad, I think its becuase of the extremes of heat and cool. When the clouds clear its steaming then they come back and its flippin cold!!!!!

These are the first 2 cuttings I took.....

from this...

I took two cuttings that are doing really well!

Now for some experimentation, I have a number of elephants ears (Alocasia's) around the garden and I have been told if I pot them up in shingle they will grow in the pond and reduce the nitrate levels so here goes.....

Now lets see how long it lasts!!!!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bits & Pieces!

I am actually finding it hard to blog at the moment, I don't really feel I have enough to post about, hence the erratic posts.

Well alot been going on here. The PC1 has supposedly withdrawn his application until he can come to some sort of agreement with the loacl residents.


when I phoned the council this afternoon to find out 'why he had withdrawn his application' guess what??????????????? He hasn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More to follow.

In between showers a quick trip down the garden

When I came downstairs the other day I found this

do you think the cats are trying to tell me something?????

Monday, July 02, 2007

May Battle Commence!

I can't remember if I mentioned about the 'floodlights' at the farm down the road! It is now an equestrian centre and they use them to light up the arena, when they where first installed they had a time limit on them 8am to 6pm. They were horrendous, then he started to go over his time and thats when we really began to notice them.

He had a barn fire and put in plans to replace a barn for a barn. Up went a stable block! Bearing in mind this guy is a Parish Councillor we will call him number 1. So of I toddled to the council and he has had to put in retrospective planning for these, but slipped neatly inside this plan is the request to extend the hours of the floodlights.

Parish Councillor 2, (a friend) had agreed to speak on our behalf. I have rallied the local residents both close by and across the fields so we have the required amount of letters to take it to committee. Plus we have the support of our District Councillor and 'Campaign to Protect Rural England.'

Yesterday I got the news that they have handcuffed Number 2, he has to declare an interest because he rents land from Number 1 and has a 'vested interest'!? Bearing in mind he was going to speak for us and against number 1 and is known to be tenacious.

So we approached Number 3 who is also a farmer and surprise, surprise he wont speak for us.

Tonight is the Parish Council Meeting, we will be saying our bit. I could still do with rallying a few more residents but its not what you know but who!!!!! I am not a horsey person, neither do I really have an interest in cows, so I could be knocking on the door of a worker of Number 1.

I will keep you posted.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

So What Do You Do In The Rain?

Not alot, I'm not used to being confined in the middle of the year! The front fire is lit! I am having awful trouble drying the clothes especailly things like jeans, I don't like to use the tumble dryer!
So out come the knitting needles, and occasional wander down the garden and look what I found

this is the old rabbit hutch which we painted last year specifically for the cats, somewhere for them to shelter from the elements! This is a very rare sighting as I have never seen both the cats in here at one time before!!!!!!

Sassy on the right is 'stress licking' again she has a bald patch on her back which means we have a cat around thats bothering her, I suspect its 'son of' the feral cat we trapped and had done! But obviously not soon enough! I have smelt 'tom' down the garden. I must admit The 'Cats Protection' are being extremely unhelpful this time!!

This is tango later in the evening

yes he is on hubbies head!