Sunday, July 01, 2007

So What Do You Do In The Rain?

Not alot, I'm not used to being confined in the middle of the year! The front fire is lit! I am having awful trouble drying the clothes especailly things like jeans, I don't like to use the tumble dryer!
So out come the knitting needles, and occasional wander down the garden and look what I found

this is the old rabbit hutch which we painted last year specifically for the cats, somewhere for them to shelter from the elements! This is a very rare sighting as I have never seen both the cats in here at one time before!!!!!!

Sassy on the right is 'stress licking' again she has a bald patch on her back which means we have a cat around thats bothering her, I suspect its 'son of' the feral cat we trapped and had done! But obviously not soon enough! I have smelt 'tom' down the garden. I must admit The 'Cats Protection' are being extremely unhelpful this time!!

This is tango later in the evening

yes he is on hubbies head!


RUTH said...

Your cats certainly know where to make themselves comfy!

Gill said...

Love the ones of the cats in the garden

Take care

mrsnesbitt said...

Don't you just love em!


PG said...

Bless them, they obviously decided to call a truce due to the effing weather! (Our ginger cat does that sofa thing too, and licks my partners head. Rather him than me...)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Tango and Sassy look very comfy in there. Clever kitties that they are!

Awwwwwww, they look so cute together, your hubby and Tango!!!

Glad to see you're much better now Libby. Love the jungle garden and wow, that is a really big egg!

Love the socks, well done!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for the Parish Council Meeting! Hopefully all goes well for you!!!!

Sheila said...

I do miss my cats. They used to sit on our shoulders while we watched TV. Very cosy in the cold weather.!

Felicia said...

Adorable! They look quite cozy in there :)