Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fruit & Veg!

As you may know I am always on a diet. K wanted to lose weight over the hols so joined me. Everyone was tucking into Choc Ices and we felt left out so here is my recipe for a slimming ice lollie!!!
Weigh and wash 1lb strawberries

Whizz them up

add some lowfat yoghurt of similar flavour, I used Muller Lite

Mix until a marble effect

Pour into lollie thingys

Freeze, then enjoy

I didn't add sweetner but you can do if you wish!!

We had some of my homegrown potatoes on Sunday

they where so scrummy, then I got the Dobies catalogue through, telling me about the winter crops I could be growing, late potatoes, cabbage, cauli etc. Now my small plot is normally empty over winter but I think I may have a go. They also mention autumn onion sets, would I have to cloche them? How successful have people been with any of these?
I wish I had an allotment, did I tell you I'm having another go at growing cauliflower, we are big eaters of cauli, its basically the only veg T eats apart from peas and sweetcorn!