Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pegged out on the Sofa!!!!!

Remember these

well they have arrived at there destination so I can now show you what I did....

all those beads where hand sewn as I had millions of them thanks to a parcel from Mrs Nesbit a while back!

Sew! I thought I would make another little lady and send it too the person closest to 9000 who comments in the chat box on the side, further down the page. So keep an eye on what number you are then tell me in the chat box, please!

The specialist has now put me on the largest dose of antibiotics I have ever been on in my life!!! I have to take 2 horse pills, 3 times a day for 2 weeks plus anti-inflammatory tablets !!!!!!!!! He believes I have an infection of Diverticulitis I have taken one full day and feel awful, so maybe good verses evil inside my body is beginning, I know one thing I will have no stomach or bowel lining left at the end of it. Anyway if the pain doesn't go, then I have to see him before my due October appointment, probably in 2 weeks time at the end of my course of tablets unless the pain gets worse.

The weather has been lovely and I have wandered down the garden a couple of times but find it too, uncomfortable to stand for too long, I even don't feel up to 'doing' anything outside which is probably just as well so I am working my way through our DVD collection, I think I have watched all the period dramas I own, and all the 'Catherine Cookson' DVD's I have which is 6, I shall have to work through all the rest now. I am knitting and will show you what in a short while! Off to curl up on the sofa again!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thought for Thursday

Today I will give you 2 thoughts:-

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things. ~Author Unknown

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. ~Elisabeth Foley

The second one I think is so, true. Having moved around so much in my working life I have made friends across the country, one friend I have not seen since my wedding 20 years ago, but get us on the phone and you would never know!!!!

Ruth has nominated me for 2 awards

Now like Ruth when I look out on blogland I do not consider myself creative, but I suppose each of us is in our own way! But I enjoy having a go be it gardening, sewing, knitting, or cooking!!! So now to pass on this award,MMMMmmmm, I am sorry if you have already recieved it

Vallen @ Queenly Things this lady makes me laugh but how she puts things together from bits and bobs amazes me.

One of the ladies who got me blogging Mrs Nesbit what talent, I only wish I was so creative that I could make a living out of it?

Yolanda @ Bliss this ladies garden is beautiful, since I have been reading her blog I have started to look at my garden with new eyes and now consider where a plant should go instead of just fitting it in!

Lottie I know you don't 'do' awards but you have an amazing talent for understanding what your chickens say, I always look forward to these posts, but also what you get up to in your allotment, garden and studio.

These cats also don't do awards but they are amazing and they talk too!!! We Three Ginger Cats

The second award is to celebrate Ruths Blog, 1st Birthday, I can't believe how close we started our blogs, my 1st birthday is a few days away. So thank you my friend

I shall wear it with pride.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Quiet at the Mo!

I'm a little quite at the mo, due to 'pain' in my abdomen. Nothing to do with my op! I spoke to the specialist on Tuesday, who said I had to phone him again today if I was still in pain. I had a scan on Monday which involved an 'internal scan!!!!!!!!! They are checking out my ovaries! Which do have cysts on but nothing to worry about! Phew! Anyway this was a none invasive, none painful scan but for me it was very uncomfortable, by the end of the internal I was in agony, so something is not right!

I have been, as I said before all snuggled up in front of the fire, knitting another 'hug'.

These are so simple to do cast on about 56 stitches, on 5mm needles and then just knit until you have the required length, from wrist to wrist with arms outstretched. Then sew up from the wrist to the under arm part on both sides, then hey presto a 'hug'! We got the name from that soup advert!!!!

I need to find a wool winder, I have skeins of wool which need to be wound into balls, something that is very difficult to do on your own, so if anyone can recommend anything to me I would be grateful! My family just disappear when I get a skein out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its getting to chutney making time but sadly this year I have very little produce or inclination, to make into chutney!! For all the work involved I am beginning to wonder if my 'veg patch' is worth it? I think I will give it one more year to see. The idea of going up did work and the victorian peas and climbing french beans would, I think, have been alot better, if the weather had been better too. Lettuce was OK, beetroots none existent, potatoes and tomatoes hit by blight. I have 3 tom plants left in the greenhouse and they are so leggy its unbelieveable, I have had about 10 tomatoes so far. Butternut squash, I don't think will be big enough. The sweetcorn is small, and I have only a couple of squash. K dug up the onions the other day, and considering I lasted the whole of the last winter, through to about April/May on last years harvest, plus I gave some away, I think I will be very lucky to make it to Christmas.

Coming up to my 1st Blog Anniversary very soon, will I hit the illusive 9000!!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Now why would I publish a pic of my cooker and oven?
Because I slaved so hard cleaning it? Not on your nelly! I found a man who could!!! He took the whole thing to pieces, took it off soaked it in something in the back of his van, then proceeded to clena the rest of it!
Am I being lazy? Well Yes! and No! With all the ops I've had, I got a bit behind with it and never really managed to get back on top of it!
It wasn't cheap but boy was it worth it!! I forgot the linings had white dots on!!!!!

Anyone remember this? Well they sell it in Wilkinsons. Good old fashioned Coal tar Soap!!!

I have been knitting

and knitted T a 'hug' well thats what we call it! I've nearly finished a pink one for K too!

I have taken plenty of cuttings of Brugmansias for those people who would like them.

I haven't shown you the chickens recently. They have been most odd this year and currently we are only getting one egg a day??? I presume its because it keeps going cold and rainy.

Bunty as you can see likes to be right at the front!!!

I loved this pic of the 'Sedum' covered with dew!

Then a few more pics around the garden!!

There is a real autumnal feel in the air at the moment. we have had our Rayburn since 1990 and the earliest we lit was one Bank Holiday weekend before 1995! I hope we don't have to this year, maybe we will have an Indian Summer!!

Thank you Lottie for your parcel. I am very impressed with your vacumn packer thing! Loads better than mine! I shall be having a burger making session later this week! K opened the door to the postman then turned round and shouted through to me 'What have you been buying now mummy'!!! I said nothing and told her to open it, she was impressed with the lovely aroma's. MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!