Monday, August 20, 2007


Now why would I publish a pic of my cooker and oven?
Because I slaved so hard cleaning it? Not on your nelly! I found a man who could!!! He took the whole thing to pieces, took it off soaked it in something in the back of his van, then proceeded to clena the rest of it!
Am I being lazy? Well Yes! and No! With all the ops I've had, I got a bit behind with it and never really managed to get back on top of it!
It wasn't cheap but boy was it worth it!! I forgot the linings had white dots on!!!!!

Anyone remember this? Well they sell it in Wilkinsons. Good old fashioned Coal tar Soap!!!

I have been knitting

and knitted T a 'hug' well thats what we call it! I've nearly finished a pink one for K too!

I have taken plenty of cuttings of Brugmansias for those people who would like them.

I haven't shown you the chickens recently. They have been most odd this year and currently we are only getting one egg a day??? I presume its because it keeps going cold and rainy.

Bunty as you can see likes to be right at the front!!!

I loved this pic of the 'Sedum' covered with dew!

Then a few more pics around the garden!!

There is a real autumnal feel in the air at the moment. we have had our Rayburn since 1990 and the earliest we lit was one Bank Holiday weekend before 1995! I hope we don't have to this year, maybe we will have an Indian Summer!!

Thank you Lottie for your parcel. I am very impressed with your vacumn packer thing! Loads better than mine! I shall be having a burger making session later this week! K opened the door to the postman then turned round and shouted through to me 'What have you been buying now mummy'!!! I said nothing and told her to open it, she was impressed with the lovely aroma's. MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!


PG said...

Oh, it would be worth anything to have your cooker cleaned like that!

I almost, almost lit the woodburner yesterday but fought against the urge!

Auntie Noo said...

haha another sucker for the coal tar soap - isn't it just the best! - My chicks aren't laying either - and I think they're going to moult, they look a bit scraggy all of a sudden. Mind you don't think I'd be bothered about producing eggs in this weather... i'm this close to putting the heating on!

RUTH said...

Oh I'd love to have someone come and clean my cooker. Mick was a sweetheart and always used to do it for me....he said it was only fair as I did all the cooking. I was so lucky! Nice to see the photos of your chickens. All your photos are fabulous!!! Nicole loves tops like your "hug"...better not let her see the ones you've knitted 'cos I haven't knitted for years!
Wright's Coal Tar Soap...what memories!! My Nan always used it.

Sheila said...

I'd love someone to come and clean my oven, it's a bit far for your chap to come though isn't it?!
I remember that soap too, my dad loved it..!

Ex-Shammickite said...

My 25 year old electric oven is in need of a good scrub too, but I have been putting it off as it's one of the jobs I absolutely HATE to do... and anyway I need a new oven, this one doesn't register the correct temp inside, so I either burn things or they're not cooked enough. I'd like to get a nice new gas stove, but that will have to wait for the kitchen renovation, whenever that will be!
Gorgeous flowers and foliage, what is that red and yellw fluffy thing? Beautiful!

Maggie said...

Hi there Libby, just dropped by to thank you for your comment on my blog about Dad's Tributes.

Bit slow to get back to blogging again as been away in Abersoch for a week on pay by the minute dial-up. So just nested on a bunk by the window and read a couple of books for most of the week.

John and "the kids" sailed, and had a couple of barbies, but I missed the Perseid meteors completely this year as was constantly asleep well before dark.

Hugs from Liverpool, celebrating it's 800th birthday today!


Allotment Lady said...

Wow what a wonderful sight - a perfect oven - you must start messing it up again though LOL

Glad the parcel arrived safely.

It never ceases to amaze me the colour and variety of jungle plants in your garden and the dahlia is brilliant.

Nice to see the chickens - and yes, the weather has seemed to have messed up the chickens laying - I have read it on several blogs and forum

mrsnesbitt said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm burgers? Just off to finish stripping the kitchen door and I will make a meat loaf!

~ Janice ~ said...

How very nice to get your oven cleaned so well! There are some things worth paying for and I would say that is one of! Now you won't want to cook and get it messy again, will you? (giggle). Your knitting project is lovely, as are your wonderful plants and flowers. I always like taking a stroll around your garden, thank you! :o)

photowannabe said...

Thanks to the visit to your house and garden.
Now you have a fab looking oven cooker..some nice closeups of the lovely flowers too.

Felicia said...

Oh what beautiful flowers and chickens and everything. I enjoyed your post.

Vallen said...

No matter what you say I think you have a beautiful gardne and I have gotten such enjoyment from all you've done. I think you should keep at it.