Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Lovely Week!

I have had a lovely week and spent most of it in the greenhouse.

The small one is full

I have pricked out and repotted loads, I'm not sure you could squeeze another thing in here! Once I've given away to people who want some, I thought I would sell the rest out the frontof the house, so if your around look out for a sign that says 'Plants For Sale' you never know it could be me!!!

I have just had to re-pot all my Colocasia's and Alocasia's (Elephants Ears)

there roots where bursting from the pots!

This is a pic from last year of one of my biggest leaves, maybe you can understand why I like them so much!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Catching Up!

I know I haven't got round to visiting your blogs, but I'm busy playing catch up at home. Apart from the inevitable washing, ironing, and housework, groan. I thought you would far rather see how things have been growing
The back of the small greenhouse!

T-rex on the right, the small tray of tomato seedlings in the middle, which need potting on desperately! Brugs and Gingers on the left!

French Beans and Peas! I now have a cloche which I bought from Good Old Wilkinsons, which I need to set up, if I do that this weekend, I should be able to get these in the ground!

The new caster oil plant for the front garden, is growing in leaps and bounds! You can just see the trays of onions on the right!

Plus my stand still in the small greenhouse, full to the brim with alsorts

Moving over to the big greenhouse, the bargain prop no longer wears its cover as everything has got too big!!!

The standard Brug is bursting into life!

the other brugs are also slowly coming back

I have lost a couple of my new ones from last year fortunately I had taken cuttings, although sadly I have lost both the mother plant and cuttings of my apricot one!

Outside thinks are bursting to get going, as winter hasn't quite lost her grasp,
but as you can see somethings don't want to wait

The Gunnera, raring to go!

Some new buys

and finally I must Thank Yolanda @ Bliss for this idea, she did it last year and I thought they where devine so went to my fav shop Wilkinsons (from where you can now buy online) and bought packs of tulip bulbs last autumn planted them and topped them with violas and pansies! I am pleased

but do be aware that when you buy from a bargain shop you do not necessarily get tulips of the colour named on the pack! I was annoyed at first but now I like the randomness! (if theres such a word)

Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm Back!!!

Having had a stressful and exhausting time I am back home! Mum is fine, had her op, then was rushed back in cos of a bleed(recurring theme here!!) but came home and I stayed until I had an appointment myself I could not cancel! Her results are due 21st April. But as she told the surgeon 'our family doesn't 'do' cancer we do hysterectomies!' Lets hope that's true.
Anyway it will take me awhile to catch up both in blogland and at home so please bear with me!