Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Whats Going on in the Rain!

This weather is unbelievable! We succumbed yesterday and lit the front fire, our house had a damp feeling about it, but its OK now! The wash basket was overflowing and its never overflowing, but I have nowhere to dry the washing!! So now I have airers spread across the lounge!
Outside the rain is rotting the onions, so I have had to put them and the garlic in trays and pop them in the greenhouse!

I will have to start removing the leaves of the tomato plants to allow the tomatoes to ripen

Around the garden, the plants are lapping up the rain.
I can't remember if I told you about planting this palm

K planted it for me before she started work about 6 weeks ago, since then it has gone ballistic. Whilst it was in its pot for 2 years it only ever had two leaves! Now as you can see it has at least five with a further two coming up, obviously likes where it is!
The Paulownia TomTomentosa has also grown, but to be honest you don't get the real idea of how much

until you add my muddy hand!

The Tetrapanax Rex has also shot off with all the rain we have been having

again, you don't get the true size of it until I add my little hand!

The Red Caster Oil plant (Ricinus something or other) is now taller than me and I'm 5ft 10ins!

A few Eucomis flowers

The Tree ferns as you can see adore this damp weather, I have never had so many fronds on them!

I know I promised you an Indian summer, but sadly I may have been wrong, even my banana leaves are yellowing at the edge, a sure sign of autumn!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Kitty Chaos?

I was happily in the land of nod, when I was woken at 0200 this morning with Sassy (cat) leaping off the bed, shouting with lots of yowls! I sat up, said to hubby 'I'm putting the light on' and looked round and there was Tango at the top of the stairs, looking at me?
We sleep on the 2nd floor.
He shot off.
I knew something wasn't right, so got up and came down to the kitchen to hear the catflap going and Tango sound asleep on the kitchen chair.???? So who was the Tango lookalike wandering round my bedroom at 2am in the morning!
I went and put the outside light on and there was Tango2, under the table on the patio. Oh he is beautiful!
I have been aware there has been a 'new cat on the block' I could 'smell' him and our cats have been exceptionally jumpy for a little while now!
So we have a new feral cat, son of the one we trapped and got 'done' at least 2 years ago.
Obviously didn't get him done early enough!
He is bolder, braver and eats for England, as all out bowls have been wiped clean recently and oh so beautiful! This puts us in a difficult position???????