Monday, August 11, 2008

Kitty Chaos?

I was happily in the land of nod, when I was woken at 0200 this morning with Sassy (cat) leaping off the bed, shouting with lots of yowls! I sat up, said to hubby 'I'm putting the light on' and looked round and there was Tango at the top of the stairs, looking at me?
We sleep on the 2nd floor.
He shot off.
I knew something wasn't right, so got up and came down to the kitchen to hear the catflap going and Tango sound asleep on the kitchen chair.???? So who was the Tango lookalike wandering round my bedroom at 2am in the morning!
I went and put the outside light on and there was Tango2, under the table on the patio. Oh he is beautiful!
I have been aware there has been a 'new cat on the block' I could 'smell' him and our cats have been exceptionally jumpy for a little while now!
So we have a new feral cat, son of the one we trapped and got 'done' at least 2 years ago.
Obviously didn't get him done early enough!
He is bolder, braver and eats for England, as all out bowls have been wiped clean recently and oh so beautiful! This puts us in a difficult position???????


PG said...

I think he needs a home...sounds like he's made his mind up!

We have four and we cope. Just.

Cheryl said...

He wants to adopt you Libby.....may as well give in now......

Shammickite said...

He knows where kind caring cat people live. Sensible moggie.

Weed Whackin' Wenches said...

Cats always know... We had a very similar incident just last week. I walked into the kitchen and found all 3 of our kitties with arched backs and poofy tails. For a minute I feared I'd have to go see the doctor for my double vision! Here the upstairs neighbor cat got in through our shared laundry room. It looks just like our little black one.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

You too? I have found another stray kittycat in my garden too (not in the house thank goodness). Thin as a rake and very wary of people although he did allow me to pet him after I gave him some food. He's black and white and I've named him Jeeves. And of course he's a full male so I can relate to the having smelled him. ;-)

My cats are all very relaxed about the new addition to the ever growing amount of stray cats in my garden.