Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sunny Saturday!!

Say hello to Madison. I'm sorry the picture isn't great, it was taken on a camera phone and after a lot of fiffing and faffing I managed to get it on here!!!!

Poor Zoe had a trip down to theatre today, she had a serious bleed and they think they didn't get all the placenta. But she is fine and the baby is doing well!

We decided as today was going to be a dry day it would be the ideal opportunity to completely clear out the chicken run, so took the eglu to pieces and emptyed the old aubiose out! Four barrow loads!! Which was spread on the flower beds this time!! This is Mark raking it all out!

Then put the new aubiose in and put it all back together again!!

Tango was sussing out the chickens whilst we where working!

Then I did my favourite job, putting up the outdoor Christmas lights! This is a job I usually do with Kathryn, so this year I did it all alone!!!! I borrowed an outdoor Christmas Tree from a friend 2 years ago, although it was lovely I wanted something a bit more 'tasteful' and I think I found it!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Its a Girl!!!!!!!!!

Its a girl. All those who chose the 1st December where right (me!!)
Zoe's waters broke at 11.00pm last night, my sister left from East Sussex for the Wirral straight away and arrived at the hospital at 3.00am and she was born at 5.34 this morning, weighing................................. 9lbs 11 1/2ozs ooooooooo! they have called her Madison Louise.
I'm a Great Aunty! I'm a Great Aunty! I'm a Great Aunty!

It will be a little while till we have photos, even though my sister has a digital camera, she hasn't got access to a computer at the moment!!!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Beautiful sky!!

No baby yet folks!!!

I thought what fun it would be for you all to have an advent calendar to open everyday you visited my site, but to no avail!! I have been unable to find one so I will have to come up with another idea won't I. Come back tomorrow and see what I have done or not as the case maybe!

At 7.30am this morning I stepped out the back door to this

We are so lucky to live insuch a beautiful world (at times) I think it would be fantastic to be able to capture these sort of colours in paint.

I have been knitting again today, another scarf which is a Christmas Present for one of Marks bestfriends daughter. I really ought to be getting on with my other knitting project, I don't mind sitting down for an hour to finish a scarf, but this other project takes alot more time and thought, I just can't seem to get motivated on it. The problem is I have never knitted this sort of thing before and I had planned to knit 2!!!!!! So I had better get moving!!!!!!!!!!!

At the potting shed we are having a sweetie making session, how many of you remember making peppermint creams, fruit out of marzipan and best of all Rum truffles. Well we will be doing that and more so keep watching.

Really must get on. I do hope I can upload pics tomorrow, the blogs I think are so much better with pictures, don't you??????

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What to put on a blog????

Still no news on the baby front!!!!

I was chatting to Lottie on the phone today and we where saying when your used to posting on your blog most days, especially during the summer, then it comes to winter and your arty crafty side steps in, but most of these creations will probably be for Christmas presents, so you can't tell anyone or post pics it becomes more nad more difficult to write something on here. As she said theres only so many pictures you can take of your chickens!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved hearing about her allotment though, so if you ever go and visit her from the link on the left take a look at her allotment link and you will see how hard this lady works, puts me to shame really.

I visited my friend up the road today, (I will call her Gill to protect her privacy) Gill stands about 4ft nothing and has always been like a whirl wind, never had children but always had horses, sheep, chickens and dogs, these are her children. Well about 5 or 6 years ago she was kicked in the head by a horse and from this time she has deteriorated. Being diagnosed with M.S.not long after!! But does it stop her, no way. Her left leg is very bad she has to use sticks or a walker to get about and she has a tramper (see it here which is an all terrain buggy which she uses to take her dog for a walk and to get out and tend her sheep and see to the horses.
Gill's specialist wants her to go into hospital for bed rest and steroid treatment, she has said that the 2 weeks she spends in hospital will weaken further, her already poor muscle tone. The specialist said but you can't do anything much now, and would not believe her when she said she mucked out 2 stables, and 1 sheep shed, plus walked her dog everyday. What used to take her probably a couple of hours now takes closer to 6 hours as she has to rest so often. She falls over often and can't always get up and will often sit for 10 mins often in the freezing cold before attempting to get herself up.
Gills inner strength is amazing I'm not sure I have ever met someone so determined as she is.
Anyway I had a lovely chat and a coffee with her!!!

I've been knitting and for some unknown reason I can't upload an image!!! Anyway its a simple scarf that took 1 hour to knit and will be a birthday present for my God daughter this sunday!!!

Well off to finish other bits and pieces now, please still keep visiting me, I will try and find a craft I can post about!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lots done, but unfortunately I can't tell you what!!!!

I have been so busy today and I have had alot of fun doing it. Unfortunately theres a certain someone who reads my blog that will be the recipient of what I've made and I am determined to keep it a secret!!!! So I will have to do something else, won't I.

I am currently knitting, but I can't tell you that either!!!! Also I am doing a cross stitch %$%***** which is also for Christmas.

Bah humbug!! this is really hard, so much going on but I can't tell you any of it!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Create polls and vote for free.

I will be a Great Aunty soon!!!! Maybe I might change that and be a 'Grand' Aunty!!!!

By the way I had better mention Zoe's baby was due Wednesday 22nd November!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Very Pregnant Zoe!!!!!!

Not long back, but I wanted to post these on here for my sister! Basically we only had one whole day with my family, so spent the morning with mum, then the afternoon with Zoe. Came back to Mums to cook a meal for everyone that evening.

Meet Zoe, my eldest niece

having laid her on her back, put her legs in the air and shouted to the baby to 'follow the light' with no reaction we then fed her curry!!!

with my Mum.....

Kathryn spent alot of time talking the baby out... to no avail!!!!!!!!!

yesterday apparently the baby was very quiet. Always a good sign. But still we wait!!!!!!!