Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Very Pregnant Zoe!!!!!!

Not long back, but I wanted to post these on here for my sister! Basically we only had one whole day with my family, so spent the morning with mum, then the afternoon with Zoe. Came back to Mums to cook a meal for everyone that evening.

Meet Zoe, my eldest niece

having laid her on her back, put her legs in the air and shouted to the baby to 'follow the light' with no reaction we then fed her curry!!!

with my Mum.....

Kathryn spent alot of time talking the baby out... to no avail!!!!!!!!!

yesterday apparently the baby was very quiet. Always a good sign. But still we wait!!!!!!!


Gumbrellsworld said...

well my baby girl!!!!!Do you remember that photo of you and I Libby, when we were pregnant together? - takes me back - thanks for posting those so quickly - see you soon great aunty - love from Granny!!!!!

mrsnesbitt said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited here! Would get my knitting needles out but can't knit! LOL!

Ooooooooooo Monday tomorrow Libby, wonder what the postman will bring! LOL


mrsnesbitt said...