Thursday, November 23, 2006

One Month & One Day to Christmas Eve!!!!!!

Busy getting organised for my trip to the Wirral via Worcester to visit Mum! I have to pack all this

into our Peugout 306 + a bag of clothes for Tori and I, coats and shoes plus anything else I forgot!! Then off load 2 bags at Worcester and collect Kathryn. She told me this morning she has no clothes to wear as they all need washing!!!!!!! So we asked mum if she could bring some washing with her!!! Going to be a long day, I was up at 5.45am.
We have planned a family meal for Saturday night, so there will be Me, Tori, Mum, Bruce, Zoe, Andy, Amy and Mark. Now if that doesn't start Zoe into labour I don't know what will!!! So Cal! be ready!!!!!
I am rather pleased because I managed to finish these for Zoe's baby last night!

Just have to hope she has the baby girl, the scan told her she was having!

Righty Ho folks thats about it for now, I should to be blogging again on Monday with hopefully lots of pictures amd maybe even one of a baby!!!!!!!!!!!

The plan for next week is more soap, start new secret project, lots more knitting and also some cross stitch!!! Take care XXXXXX


lottie the allotment lady said...

Brilliant Libby - have a wonderful time and looking forward to your blog on your return.

Merry Christmas to the Wirral

Let me know if there is a surprise waiting for you when you get back

UKBob said...

I have a brother who lives at a place called Martley which is near Worcester.