Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Round about trip and two iced cakes!!!

A fair bit of driving today. As you know I'm going to my mum's this weekend, well the washer on the Peugout had stopped working, so I booked it in for today, Wednesday as Mark is usually off ! But no not today, Mark is Corperate Project Manager for a well known Building Society and his project is due to go live (what ever that means!) on Friday. So he has been working all hours, came home last night to get the car to the garage, cos we knew we couldn't get it there this morning, then went back into work again!!!
So this morning I was up at 5.30am getting ready to take him to work, now I know he has a bike and yes he could have used it, cos it wasn't frosty or anything! The problem is the getting ready, putting all the clobber on, getting to work, taking it off and doing the same again when he came home. He needs every minute of every day at the moment and I would have worried about him concentrating whilst riding, so I decided I would drive.
So woke Tori at 6.30 left for Swindon, back by 7.30. Left for Chippenham at 8.00 to take Tori to school! Left there about 8.20 and drove to Melksham again!
I was in Melksham yesterday and its not a place I visit alot. They have a certain Building Society Branch there and its the only one around the area except for in Swindon so this is where I put my Christmas money each month! I can't borrow!!!! it, because it is so out of the way, I have to plan a visit. Anyway when I was there I always troll around the shops and see whats new etc. thats when I saw this DVD (can't say which one) on very special offer, it is one of my most favourites and I only have it on video, I nearly bought it, but decided to be good and wait!!!!!! I spoke to Kathryn yesterday and she was trying to think of something she could get her Nana any way to cut a long story short we decided that this DVD would be ideal, so after school yesterday Tori and I went to the Chippenham shop but of course they didn't have it hence the visit to Melksham again! So this very reasonable present is turning out to cost alot of travel miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Melksham, I had to go to Calne to collect a prescription before finally making it home by about 11.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I so rarely go into Calne since they introduced a traffic calming system that involves me (because I live on the south side) using the by-pass and driving an extra 3 miles to get to the Free Parking (thats just one way!!) I can easily park on the south side but I have to pay 50p for 4 hours and I only want to pick up a prescription!!!

Later I have to walk to collect the car, then collect Tori, or could be the other way round! Then later still collect Mark from Swindon!!! Can't keep a good woman down Hey!!!!

So since I have been back, I have tidied up a tiny little bit, hung the washing on the airers, cleaned out the chickens and given them some greens

and iced 2 cakes!

Simple but effective I think!!!!

So what now, I did a thought about going to a card making workshop, but I have had a very serious talk to myself about that becasue it would mean more clutter and I honestly have no where left to store anything!!!!!!
Oh by the way my next new project ingredients have turned up, I can't say what they are because a certain person reads this blog and it needs to be kept a secret!!!! But I will start next week!!!


mrsnesbitt said...

Great stuff chuck!
Great to see the hens chomping into their greens!


Kathryn Woodlands said...

mmm them cakes look yummy lol! I bet your wondering why I'm awake now...I just can't sleep I was up talking to lee till half three lol and I've just gone past the point of being tired! I will try and talk to you tomorrow but if I don't its because I'm busy doing my assignment that is due tomorrow!! xxxx

Libbys Blog said...

well one is for you sweetheart!!!! Can you guess which one??? Good luck with the assignment and we will see you Friday.
Hi again Mrs N I'm off to Swindon today, whilst there I will have a look around for another basket, cos I still don't like the one I have!!!

lottie the allotment lady said...

I looked at your blog a couple of times yesterday to see how you got on all day - but this must have popped up later.

Cakes look wonderful - and I will keep your secret about your new venture - I am good at that. Don't the chooks love cabbage on a string. I hang them up all over the place and they love it - keeps them happy and amused. Still getting eggs

Have a great time up your mothers, and look forward to hearing all about it when you get back