Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spent More Money!!!!

One of my oldest friends is getting married in May and she and her partner have asked hubby and I to be witnesses. I have a gorgeous lilac skirt which I had planned to get a top for but there was not alot of lilac around. Believe it or not I found an outfit in the local town, I could not believe it!! We had been to the library, whilst hubby had a hair cut, then Tori and I saw a rather nice prom dress in the next shop so popped in for a look and hey presto there it was..........

I have not worn a frock in years and years and years!! Even better, it was half price!!!!! I have cream shoes and bag so I'm ready.

I also bought some more, new plants for the garden. I was going to do some work out there today but the pond pump was playing up so I spent over an hour with my arms in the pond water sorting it out and I'm now totally frozen! So maybe tomorrow!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Spending spree and plans!

I left home at 08.00 hours this morning, I have returned now 12.54 with £252.47 less in the bank!!!!! What have I been up to???
Well I realised last night that I had a suspect tyre on the car so after dropping Tori off at school I then went to the tyre place!!! So 2 new tyres and the tracking £130 !!!!!
I then went on the long trek to Swindon as I wanted to shop at ASDA. I have started doing one big shop here at the beginning of each (housekeeping) month. So that cost me £103! Whilst I was doing my shop they announced they had just recieved delivery of the New James Bond DVD Casino Royal, price £7, this is a real bargain and as it is one hubby has wanted I decided to pop over and buy it anyway whilst I was in that part of the shop I spotted a 4 slice toaster £12.47, as ours has decided to trip the trip switch each time you press it down, and having checked the plug and found no fault, I thought I ought to buy a new one!!! Fortunately this is all budgeted for!!

I am sorry I have not been out in the garden recently, but when I was putting up my pallet fence at the beginning of the week I managed to hurt my hand. So I thought I had better rest it!! So it has until tomorrow!! Its flipping sore! I really want to finish the fence, I know what I'm going to do to make a focal point against the shed so it draws the eye down the garden. I need to relay 2 parts of garden the path and relay alot of the slabs around the shed, move 2 compost bins. Plant up and reorganise the flower bed. Remove the crocosmia from a bed beside the pond as its invading. I must find something to replace it with, I had thought about ferns but it is to hot and sunny there in the summer, any ideas??? Reseed the lawn, where the chickens have scratched it to death!!
Then up at the top I need to dig out an old fennel and angelica plant, replant with the new jungle plants and grasses I have acquired. Then jet wash the patio and as far down as it will stretch.
Make 2 new lids for the coal bunkers and paint the old one. Repaint the garden furniture by the pond!
I have been watching Ruth's blog and seen her rave about begonias, my mum loves them too. I have never liked them, but I want to find something different for my windowbox on the north side of the house. I have had some lovely displays there and have been surprised by what can grow in the shade. Busy Lizzies are really great, but I'm fed up with those, I tried surfinas one year and they where magnificent, considering they like the sun!!! Anyway in my favourite shop (Wilkinsons) I saw a begonia I quite liked, it doesn't have those big huge flowers but smaller daintier ones, so I thought I might have a go!!! Then again they had some lovely fuschia's. Mmmm Choices, choices!! I suppose I could put the begonias in the window box and fuschias in pots! Then I can have the best of both worlds!!!

So what have I been up to? Not a lot really, did a bit of research on hubbys family tree, someone made contact with us through genes reunited so we have yet another link!! I don't do as much research during the summer months except if its hot!! I'd much rather 'play' outside!!!

We watched the new series of 'Its not Easy Being Green' last night and we really must do something about rigging up some water butts to collect the rain from all our flat roofs! (Is it roofs or rooves??) The caster oil plant in the corner where the water butts would need to go has grown enormous now and has taken over the small water feature I have there

so remove all the stones and sadly the water feature which is lovely!!! Take out the Hibiscus plant to the right and the caster oil bush and re plant them further forward, hiding the water butts behind!!! What do I do with my water feature? :o(
Only problem, is hubby!! He really dislikes me digging things up and moving them around!! What do you think?

Right most go I have to travel the world now, visiting blogs!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Housework?!?! & Post

As you know I would much rather play in the garden than have anything to do with housework!!!! On the Potting Shed (link on the right) they have started a new housekeeping thread and each day the moderator has set us a 10 -15 minute task! So I thought, I'm sure I can find 10 -15 mins each day and even if you really hate housework its over quickly. Today we had to wash the front door and frame! So here is the before photo

and here is the after...

Can you see any difference??? No neither could I!! But hey ho! its done now, but it will need a coat of paint this year!! As I had the bucket out the front I took the opportunity to wash round the window as well

now after...

I don't know if you can see it, but there is definately a difference here! We paid alot of money to have these put in, I should have sanded and painted them last year but I really, really hate this job. I HAVE to do it this year, so when the warmer weather starts give me a nudge to remind me and accept no excuses!!!

I recieved this in the post yesterday

(Click on it to enlarge)

even if my neighbour, his daughter hasn't the common courtesey to thank me, he has!! I wonder if she would be upset if I invited him round for lunch?? I'm sure she would be, so I will do it anyway!!!! lol!!

Right can't spend all day on the computer, bloggin, e-mailing and chatting to kathryn, I must go and do something!! Back Later!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


The trip to the planning office turned out to be very fruitful. Apparently I remain anonymous which is fine, he will have to apply for planning permission for the stables, which again is fine, I don't even mind them being there its the principal! They will look into the change of use of his 'farmyard' and fields and if necessary make him apply for planning permission!
Now the floodlights! I asked what would be the chance of getting them removed totally even though they have been up for 3 years and it is possible, so I have set that ball in motion too, if they light up tonight I have to drive to varying places and take pics (which I can do)to show how far it shows up!!
I am pleased and will keep you posted, not that I'm sure your in the least bit bothered, but this is my blog and I'll tell you anyway!!!lol!!!!!

What do you think you can do with this ..................

I know Monty Don made a Cold Frame from 2 pallets, which I was actually going to do. I changed my mind and after a bit of hard graft, pulling, pushing, hammering I got this...

I know its wonky, but then everything in our house and garden is wonky so I had to continue the theme! I have the other pallet to pull to pieces and fill the gap. I'm quite pleased. Wilkinsons is selling 2 clematis for some silly price so I thought I would buy a spring flowering one and a summer flowering one and once they get going you will never know its made of pallets. Its my version of a picket fence!!!!!!! Not bad for a couple of hours work.

This is sassy, being helpful or not as the case may be!!!!

Can you believe this weather? I have been outside in a t-shirt today!!! The coal has been delivered, you watch the temp rise now we forked out all that money for the flipping coal!!! I wonder if we'll use it????????

Off to the Planning Department!!!

We had an equestrian centre built down the road about 2 years ago. We didn't realise the plans had floodlights, which are turning out to be a total pain in the backside. Imagine driving into the countryside at night and seeing in the middle of the dark a football stadium lit up!!! Well thats what is 400yds from my house!!!! So anyway I was checking his plan information on line and they have a proviso thats says the lights can only be on between 08.00 and 18.00 Mon to Sat. They are reguarly on after this so I thought, what else is going on!!!!!
Last year this, Farmer (N) lost his hay barn to a massive fire and has built a new one, but within this new haybarn he has built 8 stables and guess what the plans show only a hay barn and no stables!!! It also stated that it was still a farmyard which it is not, I also need to find out the field numbers surrounding to see if he has applied for change of use from agricultural to whatever it is now! I am hopping mad at this for a couple of reasons:

1. We have another farmer (B) (nasty piece of work) in our village who thinks nothing of building without planning permission, acquiring land by fencing and maintaining it and (N) keeps a very close eye on him and is the first on his case!!!

Yet he goes and does this! Unbelieveable, its that saying 'whats good for the goose'!!!

2 He's a parish councillor!!!

I know what will happen I will go and lodge my complaint and 'nothing' will happen!! Because he has money, contacts and good lawyers he will get away with it!!! But I will do it all the same because he is definately in the wrong!!!!

For those of you who maybe considering moving to the country let me warn you, it is very 'feudal'. We have 3 farmers, well actually 2, plus one who thinks he is, but has money and land. They rule the land around here, buy up all the cheap property, do it up and sell it on at a huge profit. Let their tractor drivers, drive you off the road!! etc. etc.

Keep yourself to yourself and your fine. Hubby & I stood up against them (2 of them) when they wanted to build a massive dairy farm in a most inappropriate place. We rallied the troops and won!!! So we are not popular, alot of neighbours stick there heads in the sand as they don't want the repercussions, we stand up and wave a huge red flag and say we are watching!!!!

We'll get it blown up one day!!!! Back later to let you know what happened!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Postman Came

Look what came.............

My Mothers Day card from Kathryn, she was mortified when it hadn't turned up, but she had been clever and left Tori to wrap up the pressies, so I did get something from her on the day!! Isn't she clever to make this!!


an envelope full of goodies from Teresa @ Christmas in Progress. Now as you know I am not the best cutter and sticker, but with all of this and my box of goodies from Mrs N I had better start practising, hadn't I!!!!


Having had such a lovely day Sunday, I came down to earth with a bump yesterday. Why this happens I have no idea. Its the part of the 'Black Dog' I really hate, its a bit like riding a roller coaster, good days your up positive motivated, bad days your down can't get going etc. What I do know is when I am doing this I am getting better, its a process I have to go through. But it does makes you see how bad you are on some days!!!!

Anyway it got me thinking, remember I helped 'Gramps' out last week, well his daughter returned from the States and arrived on my doorstep loaded with 'cheap' biscuits & chocolate over the weekend. I returned all her keys, as she does not like me having any and the way she spoke to me confirmed my suspicions that she doesn't like me!! (feelings mutual, she is very arrogant) Do you know she has still not said the words, 'thank you'!!!!! Sad really when living as isolated as we are that 2 words are so difficult to say!!!

I did have a reasonably busy social week booked this week. My friend L was coming over for lunch yesterday, we have a great friendship I have known her since Tori was at primary school. Her husband has 'OCD' Obssesive Compulsive Disorder. She is the lady responsible for getting me into genealogy. She often has to break are engagements but we have this understanding. Anyway sadly she called it off as she has a dreadful ear infection. So I hope she recovers soon.

Then last night H rang, I was due to have M her daughter for 1/2 hour today and a couple tomorrow so she could do some beautician work, but the poor little mite has chickenpox!!!!

It is currently dry but the wind is bitter, I may stick my nose out and see if I could do any work outside, but I think it is going to be a bit chilly!!

The house is really cold, with the wind being from the north. The cottage was built about 1860ish and the eve's are our weak point when it comes to insulation. Once not too long after we moved in the pipes all froze in the attic room because they where totally open to the wind, we have since poured insullated under the floor boards to protect the pipes but the wind still comes in so when I was changing up there this morning, the floor is like walking on ice!! So I am quite worried! I should really light the front fire as that helps but we are so low on coal! We had been trying to 'eek' it out. I can't believe how much coal we have gone through this year, we where trying to work out what we had done differently, I don't think we have, theres been alot wind and that always affects us!!

Blow it I will have to light up at the front, I am frozen to the computer chair!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

I have been thoroughly spoilt today by my lovely daughters, I got a number of presents........... 2 plants (of course) 1 is a Bird of Paradise (tropical) and 1 a Spirea, both are now in pots and of course I forgot to take pics.

But I also got

The BBC'c period drama North & South starring Richard Armitage, he is such a dish! He was the bloke who Geraldine married in the 'Vicar of Dibley' and was also 'Guy of Gisborn' in the BBC 'Robin Hood'. Plus a 'Best of 10cc' CD! Who remembers them??? I have been playing it over and over!!
I also have a new visitor to my garden

She is so cute and I think replaces the one whose wings broke, who went away and has not been seen since?

I thought you might appreciate my youngests card as well


Whilst outside my lovely hubby managed to get the big tree stump out for me, and Tori and I put up the trellis

I think you get the idea of what I'm doing now! If we don't have snow I can get on with the rest of the plan, I don't mind working in the cold as long as its not wet!!