Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Having had such a lovely day Sunday, I came down to earth with a bump yesterday. Why this happens I have no idea. Its the part of the 'Black Dog' I really hate, its a bit like riding a roller coaster, good days your up positive motivated, bad days your down can't get going etc. What I do know is when I am doing this I am getting better, its a process I have to go through. But it does makes you see how bad you are on some days!!!!

Anyway it got me thinking, remember I helped 'Gramps' out last week, well his daughter returned from the States and arrived on my doorstep loaded with 'cheap' biscuits & chocolate over the weekend. I returned all her keys, as she does not like me having any and the way she spoke to me confirmed my suspicions that she doesn't like me!! (feelings mutual, she is very arrogant) Do you know she has still not said the words, 'thank you'!!!!! Sad really when living as isolated as we are that 2 words are so difficult to say!!!

I did have a reasonably busy social week booked this week. My friend L was coming over for lunch yesterday, we have a great friendship I have known her since Tori was at primary school. Her husband has 'OCD' Obssesive Compulsive Disorder. She is the lady responsible for getting me into genealogy. She often has to break are engagements but we have this understanding. Anyway sadly she called it off as she has a dreadful ear infection. So I hope she recovers soon.

Then last night H rang, I was due to have M her daughter for 1/2 hour today and a couple tomorrow so she could do some beautician work, but the poor little mite has chickenpox!!!!

It is currently dry but the wind is bitter, I may stick my nose out and see if I could do any work outside, but I think it is going to be a bit chilly!!

The house is really cold, with the wind being from the north. The cottage was built about 1860ish and the eve's are our weak point when it comes to insulation. Once not too long after we moved in the pipes all froze in the attic room because they where totally open to the wind, we have since poured insullated under the floor boards to protect the pipes but the wind still comes in so when I was changing up there this morning, the floor is like walking on ice!! So I am quite worried! I should really light the front fire as that helps but we are so low on coal! We had been trying to 'eek' it out. I can't believe how much coal we have gone through this year, we where trying to work out what we had done differently, I don't think we have, theres been alot wind and that always affects us!!

Blow it I will have to light up at the front, I am frozen to the computer chair!!!!!!!!


RUTH said...

The changeable weather does nothing to improve our spirits either. Just when I thought it was spring!we are under 2inches of snow and it's still falling! Poor Gramps; his daughter doesn't sound very friendly. You'd think she'd be pleased he had a neighbour like you...I know I would!!! Hope you get that fire lit and get nice and cosy. Find something indoors that you like doing to help cheer you up. If all else fails blog pop over to Jens place
her jokes always make me laugh.
Loadsa {{{HUGS}}}

mrsnesbitt said...

We have coal coming tomorrow Libby and I am just about to order some oil! Looking outside the window, I can see a blizzard....it is indeed a cold time....so I am going to get my jobs done and sit in the kitchen where it is warm! May read a book even or catch up on some blogs.


Sheila said...

Too bad that you neighbour's is so rude. Why is it that Thank You sticks in people's throats?
Let's hope she never needs help.
I set off this morning to do my errands, and had to come back for a warmer coat. I foolishly looked at the sun, and underestimated just how cold it was.
I heard on the radio this morning that our February was the coldest since 1994, and I'm sure it felt worse as we had such a good January.

Sheila said...

That was supposed to read your neighbour's daughter..!
Sorry about that..!