Friday, March 23, 2007

Spending spree and plans!

I left home at 08.00 hours this morning, I have returned now 12.54 with £252.47 less in the bank!!!!! What have I been up to???
Well I realised last night that I had a suspect tyre on the car so after dropping Tori off at school I then went to the tyre place!!! So 2 new tyres and the tracking £130 !!!!!
I then went on the long trek to Swindon as I wanted to shop at ASDA. I have started doing one big shop here at the beginning of each (housekeeping) month. So that cost me £103! Whilst I was doing my shop they announced they had just recieved delivery of the New James Bond DVD Casino Royal, price £7, this is a real bargain and as it is one hubby has wanted I decided to pop over and buy it anyway whilst I was in that part of the shop I spotted a 4 slice toaster £12.47, as ours has decided to trip the trip switch each time you press it down, and having checked the plug and found no fault, I thought I ought to buy a new one!!! Fortunately this is all budgeted for!!

I am sorry I have not been out in the garden recently, but when I was putting up my pallet fence at the beginning of the week I managed to hurt my hand. So I thought I had better rest it!! So it has until tomorrow!! Its flipping sore! I really want to finish the fence, I know what I'm going to do to make a focal point against the shed so it draws the eye down the garden. I need to relay 2 parts of garden the path and relay alot of the slabs around the shed, move 2 compost bins. Plant up and reorganise the flower bed. Remove the crocosmia from a bed beside the pond as its invading. I must find something to replace it with, I had thought about ferns but it is to hot and sunny there in the summer, any ideas??? Reseed the lawn, where the chickens have scratched it to death!!
Then up at the top I need to dig out an old fennel and angelica plant, replant with the new jungle plants and grasses I have acquired. Then jet wash the patio and as far down as it will stretch.
Make 2 new lids for the coal bunkers and paint the old one. Repaint the garden furniture by the pond!
I have been watching Ruth's blog and seen her rave about begonias, my mum loves them too. I have never liked them, but I want to find something different for my windowbox on the north side of the house. I have had some lovely displays there and have been surprised by what can grow in the shade. Busy Lizzies are really great, but I'm fed up with those, I tried surfinas one year and they where magnificent, considering they like the sun!!! Anyway in my favourite shop (Wilkinsons) I saw a begonia I quite liked, it doesn't have those big huge flowers but smaller daintier ones, so I thought I might have a go!!! Then again they had some lovely fuschia's. Mmmm Choices, choices!! I suppose I could put the begonias in the window box and fuschias in pots! Then I can have the best of both worlds!!!

So what have I been up to? Not a lot really, did a bit of research on hubbys family tree, someone made contact with us through genes reunited so we have yet another link!! I don't do as much research during the summer months except if its hot!! I'd much rather 'play' outside!!!

We watched the new series of 'Its not Easy Being Green' last night and we really must do something about rigging up some water butts to collect the rain from all our flat roofs! (Is it roofs or rooves??) The caster oil plant in the corner where the water butts would need to go has grown enormous now and has taken over the small water feature I have there

so remove all the stones and sadly the water feature which is lovely!!! Take out the Hibiscus plant to the right and the caster oil bush and re plant them further forward, hiding the water butts behind!!! What do I do with my water feature? :o(
Only problem, is hubby!! He really dislikes me digging things up and moving them around!! What do you think?

Right most go I have to travel the world now, visiting blogs!!


RUTH said...

You spendthrift...LOL...though of course I completely agree with the buying of plants. There are some fabulous begonias about and very tempted to get some more corms myself; except I wouldn't know where to put them!
Re; digging up and moving stuff....I'm always doing it...with a small garden it helps to ring the changes...You've got to keep the water feature though...sure you'll come up with some scathingly brilliant idea!
Still no sign of my castor oil seeds sprouting...but I shall continue to be patient...almost gave up on the Avocado and then it germinated!

Ex-Shammickite said...

Does your castor oil plant survive the winter, or do you have to bring it in during the cold weather?

Yolanda Elizabet said...

So little time and so much spending to do! :-)

Good grief, your to do list makes me tired just reading it. I thought mine was bad. ;-)

I watched It's not easy being green too. Luckily I already have invested in a water butt so I was able to feel very smug about it. ;-)

A water butt would be a good thing. It will save on the water bill too, so there's more money to spent on the bare necessities of life such as plants and other stuff for the garden. :-)

But Libby you could get a water butt for the rainwater of the roof of your greenhouse so that you could leave your lovely water feature intact and make your hubby happy in one fell swoop.

And it's roofs btw.;-)

Allotment Lady said...

I say if you do all the work - then arrange the garden in any way that it make you feel happy.

I have a Fatsia Japonica the same as yours and it lives very happily in the ground - neglected - but thrives, without any help from me! And the leaves are great to use in flower arrangements.

Your garden is going to look even more stunning this year

Are you leaving your chickens in their new run for the summer now or will they be free ranging?

I suspect they will be happy in their new home - and not wrecking your newly sown lawns.