Wednesday, March 21, 2007


The trip to the planning office turned out to be very fruitful. Apparently I remain anonymous which is fine, he will have to apply for planning permission for the stables, which again is fine, I don't even mind them being there its the principal! They will look into the change of use of his 'farmyard' and fields and if necessary make him apply for planning permission!
Now the floodlights! I asked what would be the chance of getting them removed totally even though they have been up for 3 years and it is possible, so I have set that ball in motion too, if they light up tonight I have to drive to varying places and take pics (which I can do)to show how far it shows up!!
I am pleased and will keep you posted, not that I'm sure your in the least bit bothered, but this is my blog and I'll tell you anyway!!!lol!!!!!

What do you think you can do with this ..................

I know Monty Don made a Cold Frame from 2 pallets, which I was actually going to do. I changed my mind and after a bit of hard graft, pulling, pushing, hammering I got this...

I know its wonky, but then everything in our house and garden is wonky so I had to continue the theme! I have the other pallet to pull to pieces and fill the gap. I'm quite pleased. Wilkinsons is selling 2 clematis for some silly price so I thought I would buy a spring flowering one and a summer flowering one and once they get going you will never know its made of pallets. Its my version of a picket fence!!!!!!! Not bad for a couple of hours work.

This is sassy, being helpful or not as the case may be!!!!

Can you believe this weather? I have been outside in a t-shirt today!!! The coal has been delivered, you watch the temp rise now we forked out all that money for the flipping coal!!! I wonder if we'll use it????????


RUTH said...

Glad someone had some t shirt weather because we didn' hoo! Of course we are interested the planning permission, the lights and everything...that's why we visit your we can chat just like if we all lived next door! (Wish you did!)
Love the use of the pallet; recycling at its best!

allotment lady said...

T shirt - T shirt - have you moved?

It is freezing here and we have had hail and snow!

You are doing brilliantly. Getting all the stuff sorted at the planning office - well done you for taking control.

And you picket fence is great. You are just like me - I am the do-er in my family. You get a great sense of achievement when you make something don't you.

It looks good to me - and you are so right, my plants hide a multitude of things.

Sheila said...

I hope that neighbour gets what he deserves. I'm interested, very much so, and I hope you let us know what happens.
Our neighbour raised the level of his back yard and now when the snow melts or it rains, we get a mini lake in our side garden. The powers that be said it is a civil matter, thats council speak, for 'we don't care'.
I hope you get some satisfaction.
I like the recycled pallet. I had ywo here until recently, I wish I'd seen that idea before I gave them away..LOL

Petunia's Gardener said...

I really like the way the garden is coming together! I also like finding uses for stuff that's already around. It does indeed look like a nice fence. The curved path leading to sights unseen makes me want to follow it to see what's there. Those cats do know how to find the sun.

Suzi-k said...

You GO girl!! Neighbours like that are a pain, and anyway don't we all enjoy a good "David and Goliath" type story, we are rooting for you!
Love the fence, being an ardent magpie and re-user of odd junk myself, I think it's great!
Don't worry about the coal, the way the weather has been upside down all over the world lately, you are bound to get a few cold snaps as summer tries to arrive! Failing that, if it is too warm for a fire, it is salad weather! My mom always used to pop a lump of coal in a bowl of water and soak the lettuce in it. She swore it made it stay crisp for longer!