Friday, August 08, 2008

Been to the Library

Looking for inspiration I went to the library. But it turned into quite an emotional day for memories!

I picked up these books

and brought them home, but before I had a chance to flip through them I had a meeting with my neighbour and the 'Rights of Way' Officer. Our local farmer is trying it on again.
I had never met the Rights of Way Officer (Colin) before, so it was quite a shock to meet someone who reminded me so much of my father. A big man with such a happy face...

I was quite tearful when I got in. So I sat down with a coffee and my books,the first page the book opened too was this

Picalilli, I remember dad, making this, sat at the kitchen table chopping up onion and cauliflower, he was a seafarer so a good cook and passionate about his food. I must admit his picalilli was good.

Lemon Curd, reminded me of my Nana, have no idea what she did with it, but when ever I see it, or smell it, it reminds me of her

During my blog hopping recently someone was looking for a beetroot chutney recipe, I can't for the life of me remember who it was, so if you see this let me know and I will pass on the recipe!

and finally still seeking inspiration for Christmas. Last year as you may or may not remember I was part of the Christmas in progress blog. I signed up for this year and am embarressed to admit I have done nothing, zilch, zero! I hope something inspires me soon!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's a Jungle Out There!

Although I'm well and truly tired of rain, my garden has benefited greatly. It seems to like this monsoon type rain. We've had torrential pouring rain, hot sun, steamy, humid, more rain, more sun even worse humidity and so on....

Everything is growing in leaps and bounds...

at this rate I won't be able to get down the garden soon......

this is looking up the patio from the veg patch.

Some flowers are just beginning to flower....

the Red Tiger banana has really shot up.....

The Paulownia tomentosa (Foxglove Tree) of which I have 4!!!!!!!!!!!! is really growing well, this I pollard every spring and hopefully as it matures it should grow to at least 10ft each year and have leaves which can be 3ft across!!

Isn't this amazing! One whole unshredded leaf!

I'm kneeling taking this last picture which gives you some idea of the size!

Pineapple Lilly, Eucomis something or other (I'm getting there) the flowers have spotted stems!

This last one is amazing I'll have to get Cheryl to tell us its name, it begins Cea??? Anyway the bee's love it and even the leaves have a blueish tinge!

Some tomatoes I picked today, the little cherry ones are Sungold, recommended by Sarah Raven. The taste is unbelievable so sweet and juicy its also one I can eat with out upsetting certain parts of my body. The others will either be eaten by everyone else or made into pasta sauce and frozen!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Chutney Mountain!

I made even more yesterday. Date and Banana Chutney, the recipe I got from the Potting Shed Forum.

So here we have the pan with all ingredients in

stirred up and cooking, the smell was divine and not your usual vinegary chutney cooking smell, it was just like Christmas??!!

All cooked and ready to pot up into sterilized jars. Again I expected the bananas to go to mush but they didn't.

Now it is all potted up. I can't wait to taste this one, I think it will go really well with a curry and we love our curries in this house!

My Chutney Mountain!

I still have at least two more to make, my courgette one and my most favourite of favourite Spicy Apple Chutney. Then of course there maybe the Green tomato Chutney one as well.
I'm off to the library on Monday as there are a couple of books on chutneys and jams I'm interested in getting out!
I really enjoy making chutney, maybe I should turn it into a small business! Probably to many Health and Hygiene issues to overcome!

Bit of a hectic week ahead, hubby has to go in for an endescope, red car for MOT, T has an opticians appointment as well as volunteer work at the 'Wiltshire Scrapstore' plus we have to make plans for a new addition to our household!!!