Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The view outside my front door as a waved hubby and T off to college and work at 0700 this morning!!! Very autumnal! She is loving college, well the subjects anyway. Seems happy, which is a relef.

I am off to the Wirral tomorrow, I have a funeral to go to. K is coming with me, well she is doing most of the driving, we will stop off at Worcester on the way up, to drop off alot of her things, then the plan was to leave her at Uni on the way back. Mmmmmm! I'm not sure that will happen, she is really 'anti' Uni this year, well I think its more who she is living with thats the problem! Its 'Freshers' week from Saturday so she does have another week before she 'has' to be there, we will see.

I haven't spent much time at the computer recently so I have not been blog visiting, will catch up next week, hopefully!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Quick Post!

T had her first day at college yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed all the subjects she took. What she is finding difficult is the long day. She went out abit like a zombie this morning!!! lol!! Just got to move her body clock round!

Whilst I was at the shops at the weekend I was having a look round estate agent windows and found a house For Sale just round the corner from us, well actually a little bit further away...... but it is a small semi, council house type, built about the 60's, with small garden and it was on the market for £285950. I know we are in a terrace but ours is older (1870's) bigger bedrooms and bigger but thinner garden! So we have decided to get a valuation! Which means I have to tidy and 'clean' the house! So started yesterday, with our bedroom, down the top stairs, landing and Tori's room. K can do her own room, today its the bathroom and down the stairs to lounge and kitchen!!
Two reasons to get the valuation, 1) to see if we coud actually afford next door! 2) If we can't, then we are going to see if we can purchase some land from them 'before' they go on the open market? Well we can but try!!!

Me, well odd really,having finished the tablets, I am feeling better, thank goodness! The odd thing is getting used to not having continual pain? I'm sort of wondering where its is and when it will be back. I have had this pain continually since February, latterly it was horrendous. The medication caused other problems which will not please the specialist! Now I occasionally get the pain, mainly at bedtime!

So now I am trying to build up my stamina, eat healthily and get fitter and lose some more weight!

I shall be away a few days this week as I have to go up north to attend my aunties funeral.