Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The view outside my front door as a waved hubby and T off to college and work at 0700 this morning!!! Very autumnal! She is loving college, well the subjects anyway. Seems happy, which is a relef.

I am off to the Wirral tomorrow, I have a funeral to go to. K is coming with me, well she is doing most of the driving, we will stop off at Worcester on the way up, to drop off alot of her things, then the plan was to leave her at Uni on the way back. Mmmmmm! I'm not sure that will happen, she is really 'anti' Uni this year, well I think its more who she is living with thats the problem! Its 'Freshers' week from Saturday so she does have another week before she 'has' to be there, we will see.

I haven't spent much time at the computer recently so I have not been blog visiting, will catch up next week, hopefully!


RUTH said...

The nights really are getting longer and it was so chilly first thing! Lovely photo though :o)
I know tomorrow will be a difficult day, especially for your Mum...will be thinking of you all.{{HUGS}}

Anonymous said...

Dear Libby, I am sorry I haven't visited recently. My love and {{HUGS}} to you and yours, I'll be thinking of you all, Natalya (talj) x

Ex-Shammickite said...

Enjoy the precious time you have with your daughter on the long drive to the Wirral. Funerals are never fun, so I'm sending you good vibes, hope they get to you in time!

Vallen said...

Autumn has "fallen" here as well. We went from tank tops to jackets in 24 hours here. Now I need to set my brain to the season.

smilnsigh said...

Great photo and it does look Autumnal.


Allotment Lady said...

Just got home after being out all day - and we drove home in the dark and it was very misty and moisty and cold.

My thoughts will be with you tomorrow.

Felicia said...

Beautiful. Can't wait for fall!