Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Jungle with help from 'ukoasis'!

Have not posted, as I am not well!! But I still have to drag myself out of bed and water everything that needs watering down the garden, so here are a few more pics..

This is my new 'Sanguinea Brugmansia' just flowered

My original Brugmansia Grand Marnier, must be about 3 years old now

I have never had so many buds at this time of year before and this is just one side

Lots of new leaves on my Alocasia

this being the biggest leaf, so far this year

I just love this part of the tree fern as the fronds appear and unfurl. This is my newest treefern and has been alot slower to get going that my other one which I have had a couple of years!

Looking down

I must recommend to other would be tropical/jungle enthusiasts the 'ukoasis' forum. For information, help, support and lots and lots of ideas. I would not be as far along as I am with out picking their brains and just reading through the posts!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day!

We have one happy father here! He got 2 lovely pressies, one is a Digital Voice Recorder, for using at the office to make verbal notes on, instaed of scrabbling round for a pen and paper!! The other.....

we had such fun wrapping this, then we had to ask a neighbour to keep it for us as we couldn't hide it anywhere because Kathryn came home!! Meet Henry......

poor Tori still half asleep!

he was made up with this, lets hope it keeps the real heron away!

The Sanguinea brugmansia is getting closer to opening

my large tree fern is beginning to unfurl a new leaf

We have done quite a bit in the garden today, the trelis has gone from the end of the jungle plot, it used to look like this

and so has the hedge at the bottom of the garden

which used to look like this

We are starting to get ready for the new 2nd hand greenhouse!! This hedge had been driving me nuts anyway and should have come out years ago, a russian vine I planted at the end closest to the fence about 18 years ago has just started to take off and take over, so this was another reason to 'get rid'! The tree I hope to leave but I may have to move a few of the shrubs forward, but will leave that till September, in the mean time I can be killing the stumps!!!

Cooking Roast Lamb today, mmmmmmmmm smells delicious, must dash!!!