Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Trying So Hard to Be Good!

Outside this morning at -2C

All this beautiful weather we are having and I have to stay inside!
Why inside?
Well I couldn't trust myself not to do anything outside, I'd be tempted by the weeds, the chickens, the grass,the muck heep, etc etc. So I'm staying inside and doing stuff here instaed with this

and this

and a little inspiration from this wonderful book

I made this

for my mum, for mothers day! Her favourite colours, the patchwork came from a bag of patchwork pieces I have had for years.
I really enjoyed myself, so I may make some more!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Its this little girls birthday today!
She got lots of lovely pressies which included her favourite 'Garden Vouchers'. She is off out to lunch today to the bestest Garden Centre around,so may even have a chance to spend them! She still has some saved from Christmas as well!

and even a personalised birthday card too

This weekend I spent being lazy in the garden, which is quite novel for me as the word 'lazy' is not one I use alot! I really only pottered! Anyway I bought some more box plants to put in each of the corners of the raised beds of the potager! Itreated myself to a 'palm' from Wilkinsons!

It was so hot on Sunday that both the greenhouses, top vents where open

Sadly I have lost my 'Musa Rubra'

But the 'Musa Red Tiger' is sending up lots of new leaves.

I wrapped both my outdoor bananas in different ways after finding out I actually don't need to wrap them at all! Anyway I unwrapped the one by the pond to see how it was coping and the answer is 'not very well'!! Its all soft and squidgy! Not a good sign!!
and as I post this I realise I forgot to re-wrap it again last night! Guess what we had a severe frost last night!! I will check the damage later!
Meanwhile some sky pics to finish with.....