Saturday, January 20, 2007


Major virus attack on computer. Even though we have up to date protection. Trying to sort through Norton/Symantic so far not being successful. Will be back as soon as is possible!!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Blue & White China!

I have collected these for years. Some of them are brand new, some antiques,they where bought just because I liked them, not because they are worth anything (they are not)enjoy..........

Now closer views.....

I got these because of my families seafaring history they are the Cutty Sark , The Sea Witch and The Thermopoly.

I just loved this guys face, so I bought it .....

to the left of the Cavalier are the Soldier, Gamekeeper and Sailor

then the duck and leaf..

A couple of closer views of the dresser....

and finally a pic of my most favourite one and probably the most expensive

to be honest none of the photos do these plates any justice, but I hope you enjoyed the Blue and White Tour!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

It is sooooooo Windy!!!

It is so windy here that the chickens have refused to come out of the 'Eglu'!

shame you can't photograph wind! It would be pretty spectacular!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Out of sorts!!

I am a bit out of sorts today! It has sort of overflowed from yesterday.... I apologise if I have not visited your blog recently, I'm finding it hard to concentrate as well!!!!!
I haven't done much crafty stuff, or knitting or gardening so what shall I blog about today that can be done relatively easily!!

Meet the one of my ancestors..................

My Great Grandmother, Hannah Louise Robins 1877 - 1946

some of you may know I have been researching my family history for a number of years. Alot of it is thanks to this lady who kept a 'Family Bible' which my mum has very kindly given to me.
Now she married Captain James Lee and they had 3 children 1 boy, George Clifford 1902, 2 girls, Hazel Louise 1904 (my Nana) and Nancy Winifred 1909. She very much favoured boys and was totally devestated when her only son went missing in South America in 1931, presumed drowned, apparently his father went out a there a number of times to try and find him, and there was never anything or any information found on him!

She was also horrified when Hazel married a 'catholic boy' which is recorded in the bible but only names and date no other details like the other marriages.
I had to tell my mother that neither she or her brothers birth had been recorded because I don't believe mum had realised.

Mum told us some stories about Grandma Lee being very proper!!!! She used to make my mum drink the cabbage water, which probably explains her lovely skin. Uncle Ken could do no wrong!! But the story that amuses us no end is, and I know we shouldn't laugh but it is funny, she dropped dead on the Mersey Ferry!!!!! How undignified is that!!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wet! Wet! Wet! and Bruises!

This is not about the group, its to do with my garden...............

this is down by the chickens, I have never ever seen it this bad in the 19 years we have lived here!! This is one of the reasons we need to move the chicken run.

Heres Tangos favourite place come rain or shine and look what I nearly trod on as I was going down the garden to the chickens....

I think there is a strong possibility that we may have frog spawn before 10th March!!
So I have taken off the fine mesh net which protects the pond from all the fallen leaves, but have left the bigger mesh to hopefully protect the fish from the heron!

I hadn't realised how dark it was down there until I saw the photo, this was at about 08.20 this morning!!!

I am covered in them, I think when I was in the theatre they must have grabbed me by my shoulders and tops of my arms and spun me round, then decided to try it from the other end and hold me by my knees and hips and do the same thing! I know I am not a light weight, but I am at least 2 stone lighter than when I had my op in October I didn't have any bruises then!!!!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Great Pip Challenge!

Before I went into hospital I shoved all pips, seeds, corms etc into moist compost in a plastic bag and then shoved them into the airing cupboard. Mainly because I had run out of time to plant them properly, and I didn't want to waste them, so they had two chances..... grow or don't grow!!!
Now my airing cupboard is very warm, probably more so than the average one because I have the flue from the rayburn running through it ( you can see in the picture the silver tube on the right, this gives us a lovely warm bathroom too!
So here they all are in their bags, ginger, dates, avocados, satsumas....

Anyway I thought I had better check them this morning and add more water etc. I don't think the avocados are going to work, but hey they are easy to start again! Nothing happening in the dates or satsumas but look......

A shoot from the Ginger!!!!!!! Shock, horror, ecstatic!!!!! Wow!! I mean I thought these where the hardest to grow..... what I did was soak a piece of that ginger I bought, (not all of it) in warm water which I kept near the rayburn. I would have put it on a windowsill but none of are radiators are under the windows so it would have been difficult to keep it warm enough! Then as I said because I had run out of time I just chucked it into the bag of moist compost!!!
I must admit I am quite hard on things, abit like my Nana, she was tough, in the fact that she shoved things in just to see if they would grow, not proper care or treatment, very much live or die!!! My mum says I'm very like her!!!Anyway I digress!
So what the heck do I do now!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

What I did before they operated!!!

They get you to come into hospital at 11.45am and then they leave you to wait!!! But I was prepared, so what did I make that has a simple pattern and is easy to follow..........

Dishcloths, remember that cotton I got for a bargain well here it is and more to follow! You can boil them and when they get to holey they go on the compost heap!!

The family bought some craft magazines, hopefully to keep me in one place, but they where nicked........... by Kathryn who made these

not bad for a first attempt hey!!!

I will get round to visiting you all soon, I'm off to do some more knitting I have a list of people who want fingerless gloves and I may as well get on with them while the goings good! Although on a beautiful day like today I would far rather be out in the garden!!!!