Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Out of sorts!!

I am a bit out of sorts today! It has sort of overflowed from yesterday.... I apologise if I have not visited your blog recently, I'm finding it hard to concentrate as well!!!!!
I haven't done much crafty stuff, or knitting or gardening so what shall I blog about today that can be done relatively easily!!

Meet the one of my ancestors..................

My Great Grandmother, Hannah Louise Robins 1877 - 1946

some of you may know I have been researching my family history for a number of years. Alot of it is thanks to this lady who kept a 'Family Bible' which my mum has very kindly given to me.
Now she married Captain James Lee and they had 3 children 1 boy, George Clifford 1902, 2 girls, Hazel Louise 1904 (my Nana) and Nancy Winifred 1909. She very much favoured boys and was totally devestated when her only son went missing in South America in 1931, presumed drowned, apparently his father went out a there a number of times to try and find him, and there was never anything or any information found on him!

She was also horrified when Hazel married a 'catholic boy' which is recorded in the bible but only names and date no other details like the other marriages.
I had to tell my mother that neither she or her brothers birth had been recorded because I don't believe mum had realised.

Mum told us some stories about Grandma Lee being very proper!!!! She used to make my mum drink the cabbage water, which probably explains her lovely skin. Uncle Ken could do no wrong!! But the story that amuses us no end is, and I know we shouldn't laugh but it is funny, she dropped dead on the Mersey Ferry!!!!! How undignified is that!!!!


RUTH said...

Fascinating reading Libby. Thanks for sharing some of your family history.............cabbage water!!! it too late for me to try it!!!

Allotment Lady said...

Oh dear - poor Nana - but were not everybody of that era very proper! :-)

Get well soon and great reading about your family history

And if you don't feel up to blogging - then don't - we will still keep visiting you know and will await your return.xxxx

dot said...

Cabbage water sounds horrible! lol

Helpmate said...

Thanks for posting this picture. These old photos certainly have story all their own, don't they?