Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Off to the Planning Department!!!

We had an equestrian centre built down the road about 2 years ago. We didn't realise the plans had floodlights, which are turning out to be a total pain in the backside. Imagine driving into the countryside at night and seeing in the middle of the dark a football stadium lit up!!! Well thats what is 400yds from my house!!!! So anyway I was checking his plan information on line and they have a proviso thats says the lights can only be on between 08.00 and 18.00 Mon to Sat. They are reguarly on after this so I thought, what else is going on!!!!!
Last year this, Farmer (N) lost his hay barn to a massive fire and has built a new one, but within this new haybarn he has built 8 stables and guess what the plans show only a hay barn and no stables!!! It also stated that it was still a farmyard which it is not, I also need to find out the field numbers surrounding to see if he has applied for change of use from agricultural to whatever it is now! I am hopping mad at this for a couple of reasons:

1. We have another farmer (B) (nasty piece of work) in our village who thinks nothing of building without planning permission, acquiring land by fencing and maintaining it and (N) keeps a very close eye on him and is the first on his case!!!

Yet he goes and does this! Unbelieveable, its that saying 'whats good for the goose'!!!

2 He's a parish councillor!!!

I know what will happen I will go and lodge my complaint and 'nothing' will happen!! Because he has money, contacts and good lawyers he will get away with it!!! But I will do it all the same because he is definately in the wrong!!!!

For those of you who maybe considering moving to the country let me warn you, it is very 'feudal'. We have 3 farmers, well actually 2, plus one who thinks he is, but has money and land. They rule the land around here, buy up all the cheap property, do it up and sell it on at a huge profit. Let their tractor drivers, drive you off the road!! etc. etc.

Keep yourself to yourself and your fine. Hubby & I stood up against them (2 of them) when they wanted to build a massive dairy farm in a most inappropriate place. We rallied the troops and won!!! So we are not popular, alot of neighbours stick there heads in the sand as they don't want the repercussions, we stand up and wave a huge red flag and say we are watching!!!!

We'll get it blown up one day!!!! Back later to let you know what happened!!!


RUTH said...

Good Luck in your quest. we have a neighbour who has one of those massive halogen spot lights in his garden it flicks on and off everytime there is movement in his garden (like a cat or something walking past); it drives us mad as it shines straight into our living room cum bedroom.

mrsnesbitt said...

Good for you Libby!
We have the cheif Exec of our council living in our village!!!!! Well understand!