Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sunny Saturday!!

Say hello to Madison. I'm sorry the picture isn't great, it was taken on a camera phone and after a lot of fiffing and faffing I managed to get it on here!!!!

Poor Zoe had a trip down to theatre today, she had a serious bleed and they think they didn't get all the placenta. But she is fine and the baby is doing well!

We decided as today was going to be a dry day it would be the ideal opportunity to completely clear out the chicken run, so took the eglu to pieces and emptyed the old aubiose out! Four barrow loads!! Which was spread on the flower beds this time!! This is Mark raking it all out!

Then put the new aubiose in and put it all back together again!!

Tango was sussing out the chickens whilst we where working!

Then I did my favourite job, putting up the outdoor Christmas lights! This is a job I usually do with Kathryn, so this year I did it all alone!!!! I borrowed an outdoor Christmas Tree from a friend 2 years ago, although it was lovely I wanted something a bit more 'tasteful' and I think I found it!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful baby. Hope her mom is doing good now. Love the Christmas tree by your door.

Libbys Blog said...

Yes thanks Ninnie they are both doing well now. I think they are due home today or tomorrow. Unfortunately it will probably be next year before I get a chance to give her a hug!!!