Thursday, November 30, 2006

Beautiful sky!!

No baby yet folks!!!

I thought what fun it would be for you all to have an advent calendar to open everyday you visited my site, but to no avail!! I have been unable to find one so I will have to come up with another idea won't I. Come back tomorrow and see what I have done or not as the case maybe!

At 7.30am this morning I stepped out the back door to this

We are so lucky to live insuch a beautiful world (at times) I think it would be fantastic to be able to capture these sort of colours in paint.

I have been knitting again today, another scarf which is a Christmas Present for one of Marks bestfriends daughter. I really ought to be getting on with my other knitting project, I don't mind sitting down for an hour to finish a scarf, but this other project takes alot more time and thought, I just can't seem to get motivated on it. The problem is I have never knitted this sort of thing before and I had planned to knit 2!!!!!! So I had better get moving!!!!!!!!!!!

At the potting shed we are having a sweetie making session, how many of you remember making peppermint creams, fruit out of marzipan and best of all Rum truffles. Well we will be doing that and more so keep watching.

Really must get on. I do hope I can upload pics tomorrow, the blogs I think are so much better with pictures, don't you??????


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Great photos - and yes blogs really are much better with photos - well done