Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Lovely Week!

I have had a lovely week and spent most of it in the greenhouse.

The small one is full

I have pricked out and repotted loads, I'm not sure you could squeeze another thing in here! Once I've given away to people who want some, I thought I would sell the rest out the frontof the house, so if your around look out for a sign that says 'Plants For Sale' you never know it could be me!!!

I have just had to re-pot all my Colocasia's and Alocasia's (Elephants Ears)

there roots where bursting from the pots!

This is a pic from last year of one of my biggest leaves, maybe you can understand why I like them so much!


Maggie said...

I have to admit to a severe case of envy where your greenhouses are concerned. ;-)

Glad you have been having fun with your growing things. Had some seeds and corms arrive, but we've been looking at bungalows and stuff this week, so not had time yet. Next week maybe if not too knackered with meeting estate agents...

Hugs from Liverpool

Cheryl said...

Lovely header Libby.

I love the tours of your greenhouses and nosing at what you have in them. How are the chickens?....still laying????

Cheryl said...

Hi Libby......Just thought I would let you know that a few of the mason bees came out today. Pop by if you are interest.
Hope you had a good weekend.