Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Don't Cross Me Mr Motortrader!!!!!!!

Things are getting very mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! can't think of the word I need!!
Tori has an appointment today, with Occupational therapist and tomorrow for a check up on her eyes. I also have to collect Kathryn from Worcester tomorrow. Friday we are off to the wedding, then on to my sisters Saturday night!

Guess what? we still only have one car!!!! You would have been proud of me yesterday...... the new car has stayed at the garage and was due to be picked up by G one of the partners from where we bought it and taken to Peuguot to be hooked up to a machine and sorted once and for all!!!!! I got a phonecall from S at my garage to say they had returned the car, this was about 1.00ish. They hadn't taken it to peugout, they had supposedly taken it back to Cirencester had their mechanic look at it and driven it all the way back, and guess what the red light had not come on! (Liars) I was furious about this because I had been lied too, so I took a leaf out of hubbys book and did not shout and scream and stamp my feet but stayed very calm, controled and extremely firm. I knew for a fact they hadn't been to Cirencester, the mileage on the car was not enough, they had only driven about 30 miles. I knew also that if I took the car and went to pick up hubby the red light would come on. So after alot of discussion!!! G gave me his mobile number and said if ever the red light came to phone him!
So I took the car, and pootled around, collect Tori then it was time to collect hubby! I hadn't even got to Swindon when the red light came on! So got to hubbies office and phoned darling G!!! and very calmly said, 'the red light is on and I hadn't even got to Swindon before it came on. I know for a fact you never took it to Cirencester becuase had you done so, you would have got the red light, plus the mileage was totally wrong. He jumped in and said he would collect the car tomorrow and take it to Peugout! I said, that is another day I will have been without this car, I paid £**** for this car last Tuesday and I have yet to use it apart from test driving it. Anyway it went on like this and by the time I finished he was groveling and calling me your majesty! Hubby was cheering in the background and said he was well impressed with the way I handled it!! So, they are coming to collect it this morning, leaving me a swap car and I have yet to hit them with the biggy!!! I want to see the paper work from Peugout when they return it!!! I will also know if they have removed the bulb, (just in case they stoop that low)and I am currently reading up on where we stand legally!! DON'T CROSS ME, MR MOTORTRADER!!!!!!!!!

Things could get erratic on the posting front between now and next week, but even if its a short one I will try, so much to do, so little time!!

I did start digging the jungle beds yesterday, so if I have a chance I will try and get some pics. I still have to collect our other car from the garage as they are finishing off the service that was started last week. I also have to wash it and do a multitude of other things but hey ho!!!

Catch you later!!


RUTH said...

Good for you Libby!!! You stand up for your rights...if you need any "bleep" words you can borow a few of mine that I use about the NHS...LOL
Hope all your trips do go ok and you enjoy the wedding.

Allotment Lady said...

Well done you - firm works much better than shouting every time.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Yop seem to be having lots of bad luck with little red lights coming on when they're not supposed to! You're doing the right thing by staying cool, calm, and collected, and being firm. Some of those used car dealers and mechanics are nothing but a bunch of crooks. Skick to your guns, you'll win in the end.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Cool as a cucumber, I like your style Libby. Well done you.

BTW I've heard of people having car trouble but this is getting ridiculous. Hopefully it will all be sorted out soon! Keeping my fingers and toesies crossed for you!