Thursday, May 03, 2007

All go in this household!

As you can see I couldn't sleep!! As I have so much to do today I thought I would do a quick post!

Off to collect K today, apparently whilst Mr Motortrader, drove the car (80+ miles, so he said)yesterday, no red light came on! Hrmph! But he is apparently putting it in to Peugout today!! I shall probably pick it up on the way back!!! Maybe!
Then T has an appointment to check her eyes, then we start getting ready for the wedding!!!! Unless I can fit some more time in, in the garden!!!!

I pottered around outside yesterday

my first climbing french bean has emerged!!!

I have lifted a row of slabs

and started digging. This will be about a metre wide at its thinnest! It is a long time since this bed has been really dug, it is full of bind weed!! Which means I may have to take out the fennel and angelica as the bindweed will have interwoven into their roots!! The jungle plants I will be planting here are not cheap and I can't afford for them to be smoothered by bindweed, even if it does give it an authentic look!!!!!!! You can see how much sun is here which makes it very hot area to work in!

Look at the size of the caster oil plant now!!! I have 2 of these!

These are just 2 of the Elephants Ears that are coming along in the green house! I also planted some brugmansia seeds and the most beautiul morning glory seeds that are red, white and frilly, be interesting to see if they come through. I have alot of flower seeds on the go and intend to have flower beds full of flowers this year!!

I have ordered some 'ripstop nylon' from Ebay! Now shall I tell you what I'm going to make with this or not?????? MMmmmmmmmmm!!!! A Clue.... its for in the garden and I shall have to cut and sew it and if it works it will be quite big!!!


A wildlife gardener said...

Looking forward to those new flower beds...and the jungle plants!

RUTH said...

Looking forward to seeing all those plants in the months to come. Intrigued to find out what the nylon is for.

Ex-Shammickite said...

You are the most industrious gardener in blogland!! Something new every day, I am very impressed.