Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Flying Visit!

Is it only Tuesday??? It feels like Friday, I seem to be in a total spin at the moment, so much going on not enough time for gardening even!!!!! But I managed a quick hour this afternoon as I was having withdrawal symptons!!!

I recieved this in the post today...

its part of my 'soon to be jungle' a Colocasia Burgundy stem! It has the potential to reach 4 - 6 ft this year!!! Yee ha!! bye bye neighbours!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are all my Ebay buys recently, all potted up and coming along nicely...

I have potted on alot of my tomato plants and one or two others! I really need to get on and finish the edging of the beds at the bottom and the digging of the jungle beds! Everything in the veg patch is behaving at the mo, so only bits of weeding to do there!

So a few pics from around the garden..


My Bluebells, which I am terrified of splitting in case I lose them!!!!

My lone black tulip! I bought a net of 12 black tulips only one came up black the rest where white!!!! I never used to like them and only got them cos hubby went on & on! But I must admit I have been well impressed and will buy some more for next year as they last far longer than the daffs!

Can't remember the name of these, but they are lovely and they seed all over the place!

Solomans Seal which gets devestated every single year by caterpillars!!!

On the pond before disaster struck this afternoon!

Whilst I was out getting Tori from school we had a visitor and as I opened the back door on our return the 'Heron' took off from my neighbours pond. I knew instantly where it had been first and sure enough a large plant that had got over grown was squashed flat in the middle of the pond, the netting was all over the show, so out came the secatures chop, chop snip, snip tighten the netting back to where it should be and all I have seen is one fish!!! One fish out of 16!!

But looking on the positive side the heron has visited in previous years and the fish go really deep and you don't see them for weeks so providing the netting is up it should prevent any further visits and we hope only minor damage has been done.

Thats all for now, I will be driving up and down to Swindon tomorrow as hubby needs a car (its a suit day) and can't go on his bike and the Peugout is in for a service, it should have been in today but we had problems with the other car and that took its place today! The garage laugh at us (not nastily) they say we are the most unluckiest family when it comes to cars!! I think we are there best customers, they always give us a bottle of wine at christmas!!!!!!!


A wildlife gardener said...

Hello, Libby. I have just nominated you for the "Thinking Bloggers Award". Please check my website for details. Love the cammassias by the way...the tall blue bulbs whose name you'd forgotten.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hopefully all your fish have survived the visit by the heron. They are probably hiding.

Only 1 bottle at Christmas? The cheapskates! ;-)

I hope you'll have no more car trouble for at least the next 5 years!

BTW There are lots of kitties to be drooled over at Bliss.

Gill said...

WOW your garden is looking good :=}

Take care

Kat's Life At University said...

looky looky I found out what is being filmed in Lacock something called countryfile!!!

Ex-Shammickite said...

Oh, so that green plant with the little white bells is called Solomon's Seal.... I have loads of it in my garden and I didn't know the name. It's just starting to poke up above the ground this week. AS you can tell, we're very slow to get started this year, it's been such a cold Spring.

Libbys Blog said...

Sorry sweetheart (Kat) it's definately not countryfile!!

RUTH said...

Was going to tell you Cammassia but see Wildlife gardener got there first. Mine are only just coming into bud. Love the Colocasia; in fact love all your ebay buys! Never tried to buy anything myself.