Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pair of Old Crocks!!!!!

I had my visit to the specialist on Monday, it was Marks turn yesterday, so having dropped Tori off at school we then shot through to Swindon did a bit of Christmas shopping, before going on to the Great Western Hospital!!!
Mark was injected with some nuclear substance and then had a lung scan! He is not allowed to hold a baby for 24hrs and I must admit I was quite disappointed that he didn't 'glow' in bed last night!!!!!!!!! This is all to do with his heart checks he had earlier, when they sent a camera through his arteries to check the heart valves etc. whilst he was going through this procedure, the specialist told him that he wasn't breathing right! Also our GP had initially sent him for Chest X-Ray when the problems first appeared, which had showed a shadow. So yesterday he had another Chest X-Ray before the lung scan and we find out the results by seeing the specialist on the 21st December! Lets hope it is all good news, especailly that close to Christmas!!!
Tori, went to another Sixth Form open evening at Hardenhuish School, Chippenham last night with Mark. I think she enjoyed it but her heart is still set on New College! Which is fortunate because Mark aked the question about 'support' and they where definately not forth coming unless we funded it ourselves!!!! This school from what I've heard picks the cream of the crop, which of course then gives it some fantastic results, which in turn gives it a fantastic reputation! I was very disappointed with this especially as Kathryn is getting so much positive support at Univesity!

Postings maybe a bit sporadic over the next few weeks, but I am still here and will do my best to keep the info on me and mine flowing!!!!


allotment lady said...

I hope that Mark gets positive news on 21st. Most problems are fixable these days - especially heart - hubs was fixed.

Valves can be changed too. Men are just like cars - you send them in for an MOT find out what needs doing, book 'em in for a week or so, and they come back as right as ninepence in the inside - but not looking brand new on the outside LOL

Hope you are feeling brighter, and have a good time in the garden.

I am out foraging for foliage for wreaths and arrangements - hopefully I will not get too wet - but I won't hold my breath.

If you need a listening ear - you know how to reach me. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello dear, just sending my positive vibes.

Likewise, I am here should you need to chat!

mrsnesbitt (yes blogger playing up)

Libbys Blog said...

Thank you both of you.