Friday, December 15, 2006

Ho! Hum! Friday!!

I thought I would start todays post with a beautiful picture I took this week! Just to cheer us up. So warmest year hey!!! doesn't bare thinking about, its quite scary really to think that global warming could be the reason why!!! I feel sorry for all the animals! They don't have a telly with weather stations explaining what is happening, poor little hedgehogs are totally confused as are alot of the plants, trees and hedges!!!!!

Before I get on the band wagaon and start preachimg I think I will change the subject.

Here is someone, who, no matter what the weather is doing, can always make himself comfortable!!

This is him asleep on Kathryns pillow, which I have had to cover with an old towel. I'm not sure what will happen when Kathryn comes home??????? They may have to fight it out!!!!!

Anyway I have been exceptionally busy today...... I have washed two very muddy cars inside and out, I have hoovered all the downstairs including the porch (well it is nearly Christmas!)Filled the recycling box that is collected, done the ironing (definately ill!!)cooked some lunch, and after having a shower, I shall take the cardboard and plastic to the recycling place, get some petrol, collect Tori from school and then come back home and get on with a few making and doing things!!!

Although I am quite busy, I can't really write about it!!!! All very hush! hush!!

Leave a comment and let me know what your up to, please!!


lottie said...

Spent the whole day out flower arranging - wonderful.

I too am doing 'secret' things - shame we can't write about them.

mrsnesbitt said...

Oooooooooooooo secret things tee hee hee!

Me too!!!
tee hee....scuttling off to do more secret things!

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