Sunday, December 17, 2006

Travelling Friday and Saturday!!!!!

Such alot has happened since my last post!!!
On Friday Kathryn phoned and said 'I want to come visiting too, can you come and get me please?' I laughed and laughed, this is sooooooooo Kathryn. We where due to go and get her next Tuesday or Wednesday!!! So off Mark went, he left about 2pm-ish and it took longer than usual but it helps when Kathryn does the driving on the way back!!
I collected Tori from school and she asked where the other car was when we got back, I said that 'Mark had gone Christmas shopping and I left the space by the cottage for him as I was hoping for a large present!!!' (I should be struck down by lightning!!)
Kathryn and Mark got back at about 6pm -ish! Kathryn crept up the stairs knocked on Tori's door and marched in.............. Tori's face was a picture!! She exclaimed 'why am I always the last to know?' Well sweetheart you wouldn't get such a surprise if you did know!!!!!!!

Up at 6am Saturday morning, left at 7am off for the grand tour! My sister and family in Eridge, East Sussex, Marks good friends and Kathryns Godparents, Phil & Anne in Addlestone, Surrey then on to my friends and Toris Godparents in Sutton, Surrey!

Now my sister can pick a Christmas Tree, every year she does it, they are always perfect, I don't know how she does it, because I can never find that beautiful pyramid shape that she gets, so i haven't told her but I took a picture just to show the world!!

Now her daughter did say that this year they found it in the first place they went too! Apparently they have been known to visit '8' yes 'EIGHT' garden centres!!! I think that explains why mine are always a bit odd in shape!!!!!!!

Now here are the girls

Danielle on the left, my sisters youngest daughter, she is just 3 weeks older than Kathryn and they are the best of friends! They didn't really have any chance not to be, because Cal and I used to buy 2 of everything and dress them identically!!! In those days we spent alot of time together!! Tori in the middle and Kathryn on the right. Lieing across them is Jays daughter Emily a right tinker!!!!

Meet her cats.......
this is Garfield

and yes he does live up to his name! He is a big cat and eats anything, but is soooo laid back, such a character!

His sister Roxy a real live wire

and Fliss

Cal was saying that you often find Fliss and Garfield kissing, but should anyone walk in Fliss gives Garfield a cuff round the head, and poor old Garfield has no idea waht he's done wrong and sits there looking extremely puzzled!!!!!

Anyway after an extremely enjoyable day with them all, we left to visit everyone else! It was great, a thoroughly enjoyable and extremely tiring day, but so nice to catch up with everyone.

We got home about 20mins past midnight! So I expect it will be a very lazy day today!!

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allotment lady said...

That is just what Christmas is all about - visiting families and so nice to have them .

Glad you had a great time