Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What next???

So now we are all organised for Christmas what are we going to do next??????? I didn't post yesterday because I had nothing much to write about!!!! I know I still have the cake to ice and the mince pies to make and the fresh shopping to do but nearly everything else is, as I said earlier, done!!!

So here are some pics.............

Sassy is happy now Kathryn is home

Frosty Days....

The fog and frost are due to stay with us for the next few days, so I will take my camera with me when I go out!!!!

As you might have gathered I'm abit short of things to do...........

so I 'Googled' Christmas News and the year of my birth and look what I found

The Illustrated London News 1959
Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

January 1st - The then President, General Fulgencio Batista, fled Cuba as Dr. Fidel Castro took power
February 3rd - Buddy Holly, 22, was killed in an air crash at Iowa, USA
April 19th - The Dalai Lama found sanctuary in India from Chinese aggressors
July - Billie Holiday, 44, considered one of the greatest Jazz singers died
June 17th - Eamon de Valera was elected President of Eire
August 25th - BMC (British Motor Corporation) introduced the Austin Seven Mini and the Morris Minor Mini (same car except for their grill and badge) it will do 50 to 60 Miles Per Gallon and can be parked in a space of only 11 ft 6 inches. It was designed by Alec Issigonis and it was priced around £500.
October 8th - A Conservative government was elected for the third time in Britain with Harold macmillan as Prime Minister still with the message "You've never had it so good"!
November - The London to Birmingham Motorway was opened and the first fatal accident was four days later
December 14th - Archbishop Makarios was elected president of the new Republic of Cyprus
There was a lot of talk about station and line closures on British Rail and massive investment into Britains roads
Cliff Richard and Room at the Top were part of the social scene along with Espresso coffee and Wimpey bars. Stereo music players were being intorduced to the home and Penicillin was about to become the wonder drug
The USSR Lunik reaches the moon
Pope John XXIII summons the Vatican Council
Louis Leakey discovers the skull of 600,000 year old Nutcracker man

how cool hey!!!!!

Now you have a go and let me know what happened in your year!!!!!!


lottie said...

Great post - so you are all ready huh? Well can you jump in your car and drive over here then - as I am still knee deep in parcels to wrap, cakes to ice - now I am just off to make some more mincemeat slices, and two more cards!

Oh, and I have more things to make for the three hampers I am doing too, and I still haven't done my own Christmas arrangments - well not all the ones I wanted to do!

Libbys Blog said...

No rest for the wicked Lottie!!!!lol!!!!