Friday, December 22, 2006

Shopping, Haircuts, Builders and Surprises!!

Kathryn was out on the razz!! last night with her old friends from Chippenham College, they all went off to a nightclub in Bristol!! She didn't get back in until 4am. Then I had to wake her at 8am because we had hair appointments at 9.15am. Bless her, she was up bright and chatty! Meanwhile Mark had left for Winchester Family Records Office at 8am he had to find some descendants!!!!
After are haircuts, we did a bit more clothes shopping then we had to shoot through to Calne and deliver cards and presents before being back home for the builders at mid-day.
The builders went up on the roof to see where are leak was, and they found it, so have made good for now but will be back in the New Year to do a proper job!!!
I got a lovely phone call from my Mum. she was made up with the hamper we gave her, she just wanted to know why we hadn't bought her a cupboard to put it all in!!! I think it was a hit!!!
Then I had a surprise a parcel addressed to me, and me alone!!! So as it didn't say do not open till Christmas I opened it and it was full of........

lots and lots of goodies! It was from Mrs Nesbit, I was her 7000th person on her blog! Well I know what I'm doing with some of the material and when I've done it I will post a pic!!! She very kindly made me and my family a beautiful Christmas card. Now Lottie and I have enjoyed making some of our cards for Christmas but when you see Mrs Nesbit's you understand why she runs a very good card business....

As usual Mrs Nesbit your card is absolutely gorgeous thank you very, much, it is greatly appreciated!

After I blitzed our bedroom, Tori was working hard on some Science Course work and Kathryn had fallen asleep, curled up on the chair. I decided I would pop into the shops and see how busy it was as I had some last bits to do!! When I got there the car park was practically empty, and all the tills where open but not very busy, so in I went, round I whizzed with my list and trolley, filling it up with all the bits and pieces and then straight to a till, where as I unloaded onto the conveyor belt, it went past the checkout lady and was all nicely packed in my 'green' shopping bags by another lady, then I paid and left!!! Gob smacking I dont think I have ever gone round the shop so quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So that is it all done, dusted (well I will do that tomorrow!)presents wrapped, and under the tree and ready! The ham will go in soak tomorrow, the turkey and pork will be taken out of the freezer as well.
I'm getting excited now!!!!!!!!


mrsnesbitt said...

Libby, I am so glad you liked your little parcel!
I have been putting things in it over a period of time!
Looking forward in seeing the pics!


lottie said...

What a fantastic surprise Libby and such a wonderful pressie - you will be busy with lots of projects by the look of things next year!