Monday, December 18, 2006

Nearly done! I think!!!

Thats right I think I'm nearly done for Christmas!!!!! Apart from the fresh food shopping and Icing the Christmas cake!! Whats left??? I wrapped the presents this morning, gave the kitchen a good clean. I must admit I'm worried!!!! I'm never this organised, I even checked to see when I need to take the turkey out of the freezer?!?! I think to be totally sure I will write menus for the week end just to make sure I have all the necessary.

The girls decorated the tree yesterday. We where fortunate enough to find a pot grown christmas tree in 'Focus' last week, only cost £20! Its quite a bit smaller than we usually have but it will grow! I will be checking with Lottie on how she looks after hers!!!!

Can you see the Christmas Robin?

he is very old now, but has always had a place on our tree since I read the story to the girls when they where quite small about the 'Christmas Robin'. Mrs Robin, loved the shiny tinsel and wanted some for her nest, so brave Mr Robin flew in the window to try and get some, unfortunately as he landed on the tree the family walked in and the children where allowed to choose something from the tree. The little boy chose a toy soldier but the little girl chose the Robin, who jumped to the top branch of the tree and sang his little heart out. Everybody clapped and cheered and then they opened the window to let him out. So he flew off home to Mrs Robin to tell her about his adventure!! In the New Year, when the tree was put out there was some tinsel still left on it, so Mrs Robin got her shiny tinsel after all!!!!
Tori adored this story the first year I read it and I had to read it, and read it and read it over and over again. I searched high and low all the following year and eventually found a Robin who has had pride of place ever since!!!!!!

Cross Stitch and Beaded Cards, now my friends have recieved them I can post pics. I made 3 for some very 'crafty friends'!!! I am hopeless with glueing and sticking because I can never get the colours right, but give me a needle and thread and I can do just about anything!!!!!

This one went to my neighbour

this to Mrs N

and this one to Lottie

Thats it for now, I'm off out but will be back tomorrow!!!


allotment lottie said...

'Give me and needle and thread and I can do anything' said Libby.

Wish I knew that before I spent hours and hours in my studio trying to make and apron!

That's a lovely story about the robin isn't it.

Enjoy your day out

All the cards are just wonderful - you must have the patience of Job

Gill said...

Hi Libby,
Your cards are wonderfull :-}
I have never heard the story about the Christmas Robin, its very sweet, no wonder Tori loves it.

Take care

Libbys Blog said...

Thank you both. My mum says I'm like her mother and when it comes to needle and thread I can do just about anything!!! Not sure thats true but hey ho!!!!!