Saturday, January 27, 2007

K's Room. Chickens & Christmas!!!!!

Kathryn didn't want to post any pics of her room till she had gone, so it looked all nice and tidy. So here is the finished room......

I prefer her chair in the corner, I like the impact of her Zebra collection together

so we compromise, when she is not here its in the corner, when she is its under the window!! Anyway I think you'll agree that its a big change from Orange and Lime Green and hasn't she done a great job!!!!

I had to unwrap one of the bananas last weekend as the straw had become very soggy and with the cold snap of weather that we were expecting I didn't want to lose it. So Hubby unwrapped it and popped all the straw into an empty compost bin! Then I read Scarecrows Chook mulch and I thought what a great idea so the chickens had a treat today, after I had cleaned them out I popped all the straw in the run.....

aren't they having fun! It seems to be ages since I have heard them 'chortling' around the run! I must admit I have been really worried about them this last month, but we seemed to have turned a corner!!

Now I know we have only just got over Christmas 2006. I enjoyed all the crafting I did for presents, but I would like to get more organised! Try out new things, so imagine my joy when I visited Vallen and she had a link to Christmas in Progress. So folks if you want to get inspiration, get organised for Christmas 2007 then take a look and sign up!!!

I may have a go at an ATC card this afternoon! Then again I may not!!!!


RUTH said...

I'm glad Kathryn allowed you to show us these photos. The room is a lovely colour.The chickens seem to enjoying there banana straw! I don't think I dare think of Christmas 2007 yet...still wondering how to pay for Christmas 2006!...LOL

Auntie Noo said...

Thanks for the message on my blog - I see you read the yarn yard too - Isn't it funny how we are all connected by just a few steps!! - Will definitely be popping back as I am about to become a parent to 3 hens in a couple of weeks, and I'm a bit nervous!, so may be needing some moral support!!! If you are into other crafts, the crafty threads and yarns forum linked on my blog is a lovely friendly place for every craft you can think of.

Allotment Lady said...

My you both have been busy - great room and glad that they chickens are fine.

Mine are still flying around the garden - off to clean them out.

Fantastic post and photos of the day, I really enjoy visiting - and yes I am making Christmas goodies and have been since the turn of the year lol

Janet said...

LOVE that zebra chair!! This room is fun and bright and cheerful. I think it would be a joy just to walk into it each day.
I'm off to check out the Christmas in Progress site. Maybe if I start now I might be ready in time!!