Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This is whats been going on!!

As you may or maynot know Kathryn very kindly came home to keep me under control after my op!! Although she has been out with her friends a few times, they are not as close as they used to be!!! So she has been here with me and I think is a liitle bit bored!!!!!
So she is now decorating her room, this is normally my job, but Kathryn is undergoing this more or less single handedly (I lie!!)

Yesterday she emptied her room, we went out and bought the paint, new curtain pole, lining for the curtains I will be making, lampshades etc, etc, etc! Then she started, I did edges or as they call it in the trade 'cutting in' and she did all the rollering!

Now her bedroom has not been done since she was 13!!! I did it as a surprise for her whilst she was away with the school and as you can see from the picture it was orange and............................. lime green.

This is work in progress....

I will post the finished room.

Tomorrow we are off to Cribbs Causeway, Bristol. Why, well Kathryn's new mobile went in to be repaired on the 29th December, she got it back Friday 12th January, it stopped working again on the next day!!!! So after a visit to the shop where she bought it we are off to Cribbs because they have a workshop on site and if they can't fix it they will give her a new one!!!!!! Hopefully whilst there we will also go to 'HobbyCraft' a very large Craft shop, I'm looking forward to that!! Thursday is Devizes market, we will get a chance to top up Kathryns depleted Uni supplies!! Then Friday is probably getting organised, packed and ready for her return to Uni on Saturday!!!
Right I'm off to make some curtains now!!! Back later!!!


Allotment Lady said...

Glad to hear that you are on top form again - isn't it nice to do a makeover - I bet it looks a real treat when the room is finished.

Hobbycraft - my dil goes there. The nearest one to us is just over 100 miles away!

Have fun - sounds like you are already!

Joanna said...

I remember cribbs cuaseway when i used to live in bristol. My helebores are out in my new garden, I was very excited. Love the blue and white china. Hope you have sorted out all the computer gremlins I'm dreading living with out broadband when we finally move into our new house for 2 to 4 weeks. Have lit the rayburn twice and cooked on it and it heated the radaitors. It was lovely, but will need some getting used to. I have just ordered some coal for it but really want to burn wood.

Vallen said...

Oh, I'm getting nostalgic. I loved the Devizes market. If I'd had a bigger suitcase I would have bought tons of stuff in the Corn Exchange. I did get to try sticky toffee pudding at the Black Swan that day. The best dessert I think I've ever eaten.
Have a great time with your daughter and take care of yourself. Also you should read my blog because I tagged you for a fun game.