Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sassy has a new friend!

Sassy has found Tori, I was really worrying about her, she had hardly moved from K's room so I blitzed it, clean sheets, tidyed, washed windows, hoovered and nearly blocked it up, dusted etc I found 10 teaspoons, 3 of them in an old chocolate mousse pot, 1 in a Muller rice pot and the others looked like they had been in yoghurt!!! I wondered why I had been so short, altho Kathryn had brought down most of the mugs I did find a plastic cup with something growing in it???! But look I found the floor!!! and I know how long it will stay tidy for tee hee!!

After all this activity Sassy moved over to Tori's room, which I am very pleased about!

Currently one very contented cat, I hope it lasts! Doesn't Tori look cute with plaits!


Allotment Lady said...

Yes they really suit her.

Your 'finding the floor' reminded me of when my youngest son left home to go to uni

I found no end of furry mugs and things that to this day I do not know what they started off as LOL - but they composted well.

It is nice to Spring Clean their 'space' when they are away. I used to be banned!

Funny how it soon returns to 'normal' when they come home with washing etc.

Libbys Blog said...

As I did the rest of the house I refused, point blank to do the girls rooms! If it got really bad, I would moan, and if necessary help them get going, because in that instance, sometimes it get so bad you don't know where to start!!!!!
It is odd though, I looked in there this morning and its still tidy:)

Anonymous said...

My room always had a floor and it didnt have much on it other than furniture and pillows from my bed thank you very much!! The dirty dishes part howeva is probably true!!