Saturday, September 23, 2006

Been busy in the garden today, the weather has been gorgeous, so I jet washed the Eglu. This is a pic of before. It doesn't look to dirty does it? thats the ease of an eglu!

and this is after, totally sparkling!!

any wee beasties that survived that washing will be got by the powder!!!!! Then I cleaned out the run and whilst I was doing that the chickens where having a wander round look where I found 'Bree'

hiding in the Greenhouse, probably should have left her but she was pecking at the tomatoes!!!

Here are some friends that are in my garden too, this is one of my fairies, I have two but the other one was hiding

This is 'Mikey' he sits by the pond, seems to like being there.

This little chap lives near the caster oil plant, where its lovely and warm!


Allotment Lady said...

Oh how I love your ornaments - I really must get some more

Libbys Blog said...

My fairies where presents, Mikey came from good old 'Wilkinsons' and the wart hog from south africa!