Thursday, September 21, 2006

Busy Day!

Thursday 21st September
Did a batch cook of Vegetable lasgagne, Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup and Quorn Curry for Kathryn, ready to freeze and take up on Sunday! My back is killing me, standing in one position does me no favours!!! Went to the Eglu got 2 eggs, I have an awful feeling that the chucks have Red spider mite. So providing my back is better tomorrow I shall dismantle the eglu cart it up to the patio, jetwash it, cart it back down again, put it back together! Then when the chucks have put themselves to bed I shall shut them in and cover them in Red Spider Mite powder and hope it works.
Also doing battle (again) with Tori's school- it appears they may not have informed us of the closing dates for her Science GCSE re-takes!!!! My goodness will they be in for trouble if they have!!! She has set her heart on achieving A -A* which she is well capable of, but because of the problems she had last year she will need to do re-takes.............. to be continued.

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Allotment Lady said...

Hope you get the dates for those exams sorted.

I hope that it is not red spider mite that the chooks have got - you can get rid of it - but it is not that common to have in an Eglu as they usually lurk and breed in wooden homes - usually under the roofing felt. The only place they would live is supposed to be at the end of the roosting bars - but a dousing should kill them

They usually pick them up from wild birds.

Hope everything gets sorted over the weekend.

Will catch up with you on Monday or Tuesday