Thursday, January 25, 2007

Onions, Potatoes and Chickens!!

Had a very early start today... couldn't sleep!!!!!!!
Anyway had to take Mark into work as the other car is in the garage and it was too icy to use the bike!!! So zapped back and then took Tori to school, then Kathryn and I went to Devizes Market (who forgot the camera!!!!) and did some food shopping for her to take back to Uni on Saturday!!!
Kathryn is busy finishing off her room, although we may have to wait unitl she has gone back to Uni for a photo!! She has helped me in alot of my decoraing jobs but this is her first 'go it alone' room!! I must admit she has done a really good job! I'm very proud of her!
So I went down the garden and into the greenhouse to start my onions and potatoes off. Just like Lottie has done here!!! I thought this was a very good idea, but couldn't think of a frost free place I could use!!!! I think I must have had a senior moment because of course I keep the greenhouse frost free because of the tropical plants!!!! Although there is not a huge amount of room, so the onions are in 2 small trays

and the potatoes are on the green thingy...

I should have already put the garlic in, so am a bit late but what I could do is pop them into some pots just so they get some cold weather, I also need to plant some sweetpea's!

It is a glorious sunny day today, I must admit, apart from the pain in my 'bum' I'm feeling quite perky!

The chickens have become more lively, which I am relieved about and at long last they are starting to eat again! For ages we have only had 2 eggs a week but thta is also slowly increasing! But look at poor Bunty doesn't she look really scrawny!!

what I want to know is why on earth do they moult in the middle of winter? You would imagine this is the time they need their feathers!!!


RUTH said...

Not having a lot of garden space we grow some early potatoes in old compost bags; we usually chit ours in egg boxes on the toilet windowsill...have had a few strange remarks from visitors especially when we say we are "chitting" them......they think I'm pronouncing another word wrongly!!!!

Joanna said...

I'm looking forward to getting planting in the new garden. I was going to save a piece of carpet to cover the grass up but i think its gone to the tip. I'm really sorry but I have tagged ou instructions on my blog, I found it hard

Joanna said...

Libby I'm so dumb. I did read your answers to the tag and then forgot. I knew I was going to get into a muddle who had done it and who had not. I feel very silly. Looking forward to seeing the pics of the newly decorated room.

Libbys Blog said...

Don't worry we all read so many blogs its easy to get confused!!