Sunday, October 07, 2007

Done Far Too Much!!!

Well at long last the greenhouse frame is up!

If you remember we made a start last week and built the base for a 10 x 8 greenhouse! What I didn't tell you was the greenhouse's exact measurements are 10'6 x 8'3 !!!!! So we had to do the base all over again!! well we didn't know!!!!!

Whilst I was down there, we gave the eglu a really good clean out.

I was kind and let the chickens roam round the garden, that was until they started digging everything up , so they where quickly put back in there cleaned out run!

Just got to wait till the postal strike is over, then hopefully I will get the rubber strips for the greenhouse glass, check all the glass order any that needs replacing, then with any luck we hope to glaze next weekend!! then I can fill it just in time for going into hospital!!!!!!

Phew! I'm absolutely bushed, now. So off to put my feet up!!


Ex-Shammickite said...

The greenhouse frame looks good, lets hope you can get the glass in ASAP. I didn't know there was a postal strike going on. What a nuisance.

Janice said...

Even though your greenhouse project is turning out to be more than you thought, it will be so very much worth it! :o) I know your 'girls' enjoyed their time roaming free today. I let mine out for a while too, until I couldn't take the dog barking at them any

mrsnesbitt said...

Gosh what lovely weather you have had. yesterday we were all set to go out on the bike when it started to rain! Was a real misserable day too.

Grey today but jobs to do.
Looks great!


Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hurray the frame is up!!! Hopefully you will be able to put in the glass soon. Putting up the frame is the most work, the glass is a much quicker job. It took the under-gardener and my dad 2 days to put the frame up and just 1 day for the under-gardener to put the glass in.

Your chooks are looking very healthy and happy.

Sheila said...

What a pain, all that extra work for a few inches..(theres a joke in there some where, but it might be rude so I'll leave it for now!)
I always wanted a green house, but I think I need to get a green thumb first..