Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lucky Me!!!

I recieved some fabulous pressies today, take a look

Ever since I knitted the bracelet for Kathryn I have been fascinated by this. I think the girls are rather keen that I continue!!

Lots of National Garden Vouchers! Which I am planning to use to buy these

BUT! When I get there I may very well change my mind!!!!!

My sister knowing me so well included in her parcel these seeds.......

she knows I like to try something a little bit different!!! So I will keep a diary of a Loofah Plant, when I get going!!!

But the bestest, bestest present of all was

I wore this necklace on my wedding day! But sadly the neurotic dog we used to have broke it along with 2 others about 6+ years ago! Kathryn said I had them out a while back (she has the memory of an elephant)anyway she pinched it when I was in hospital and she and Mark got it repaired!!!! It is a great favourite of mine and I am thrilled to bits to be wearing it again!!!!

I have had a most wonderful day, with my family. I have recieved some lovely cards, infact I have had more cards this year than I have had for a long time, thank you everyone.

I'm sorry Kathryn, for putting the pic of you and Lee on the blog, but you know what Aunty Cal is like!!!!! He seems very nice, although how you two will ever make a decision I will never know!!!!!


RUTH said...

I'm so pleased ou had such lovely presents. How sweet of Kathryn and Mark to have it repaired. The loofah seeds look fun! And "love a duck" I love the ducks!

Ex-Shammickite said...

Lucky you, having such a generous and thoughtful sister. Loofah seeds eh? I'll be very interested to see how they turn out!

lilymarlene said...

Love those ducks! They reminded me of the ones in the park in Boston (US). They are bronze and I have lusted after something similar ever since I saw them in 1992. These look good!

Sheila said...

A lovely day and some lovely gifts.
Loofah seeds are definately something different and will be fun to watch as they grow.
So glad you had a great day..!

Suzi-k said...

belated Happy Birthday, glad you had family to share it.

Kathryn Woodlands said...

Its ok the picture is alright and I think Lee actually quite liked it coz I came on here and showed loads of my uni friends! they think the picture of 'Man' is ace lol!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

RUTH said...

Libby; sorry I worded that wrongly on my blog..I didn't mean I'd sow the seed immediately..I'll probably wait a week (then again if I get desperate to garden anything could happen!)....really looking forward to trying them.

smilnsigh said...

Thank you for the {Birthday Wishes thanks} comment, in my blog.

I'm so happy to find that you take lovely photos and have blogs for them. I just recently started taking pics, around my city.

I love visiting photo blogs. I'll be back visiting. :-)


Vallen said...

Happy Birthday Miss Libbie. I'm curious about those vouchers. How does that work?

Allotment Lady said...

Great presents - what a lucky lady you are - and it is nice that your whole family really appreciate all that you do for them in such a positive way.

I had a loofah plant, it was a climber but didn't get any loofahs. But I do not have a green house so that might be why!

Libbys Blog said...

I think its going to be to big for the greenhouse 8ft x 8ft!!!! It does say it can be planted out after all risk of frost is past!!