Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Out and about in the Garden!

I feel like an old woman sometimes!!!! Just because of our mad weekend the eating and drinking routine went right out the window and boy have a suffered, hence the no post yesterday!! Its getting to be a right pain (and it is)to be honest, I think I may have to go back to the GP becuase I'm sure this can't be right!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, yes Ruth you where right it is a variagated brugmansia

I really need to pot them all into bigger pots, but have you seen the price of large plant pots, unbelievable, not so bad when you want to buy 3 or 6 for your tomato plants but 25, well that requires a mortgage!!!!! lol!!!

Well I surprised myself, I wrote that first bit about 8am this morning and saved it as a draft, I have just come in from repotting all but 5 of the brugmansia's into bigger pots!!! Yes thats right I had 20 big pots loitering around the garden!!!! So I only need to buy 5!! (at the moment, anyway!)


and that isn't all of them!!

I use coir and get it from here it comes in blocks which you have to soak

this is soaking for my big brugmansia which I have still to pot up in a larger pot!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a few pics from around the garden

Queen Elizabeth Rose and greenfly!!!!

My neighbours rambling rose, it has never bloomed like it has this year!

I bought this old chicken feeder a few years ago, (I like to be different) I only planted it up last week but look at the Bizzie Lizzies.


RUTH said...

When it's big enough I'll be pleading for variagated Brugmansia cuttings! What a fantastic crowd you have now....do you know the colours or will it be a surprise? That's a really pretty rosebud. Happy Gardening..

Allotment Lady said...

Looks beautiful - 25 plants - you will be in business won't you. Well done

How many pots does that bale of coir pot up? Free postage is good.

You are so talented - your jungle plant business will really take off - you will be so very busy.


RUTH said...

Apologies but I've TAGGED you...but only if you have time to do this sort of thing....gardening is much more important!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

The Lizzies are very bizzie, just like Libby. ;-)

Love that variegated Brugmansia and the pretty yellow flowers. What is that plant called again?

Is it me or is it getting very leafy on your blog? ;-)