Saturday, June 16, 2007


Ruth has tagged me and wishes to know

8 Random Facts

1. I'm scared of the dark and always have the landing light on at night!
2. I never took any 'O' Levels!! Only CSE's!!!!
3. My parents nickname for me was'Elizabeth Jane, gutsey, Perry talks too much!!!
4. When we had a caravan, I could reverse it and hubby couldn't!!!!!!!!
5. I was one of a group of 6 Brownies to be the first to pass the cycling proficiency badges, ever!
6. I was the first girl to be accepted at a Liverpool College to train to be a Radio Officer (at sea)
7. The first time I ever flew in an aeroplane, I was 31 and 6 months pregnant!!
8. I am an ME sufferer. Myalgic encephalomyelitis.

So please feel free to have a go at this so we can all find out something a bit different about you all!


mrsnesbitt said... suits you darling! LOL!

RUTH said...

Thanks for playing along...I used to be a Brownie, then a Guide and a Ranger Guide. Great fun! Hope you've not got the rain we have!