Thursday, June 14, 2007

Camping Chaos

My lounge!!!!!!!

and this is only part of it!! K and her friends are off to Newquay, on Friday, camping. So I have been scrabbling round the loft and shed collecting all the bits and pieces!!

My feet don't seem to have touched the floor these last few days! Haven't really done anything in the garden except water, but now its raining I don't really need to do that!!!

Back later!


talj said...

Looks like they should manage to have plenty of stuff between them!

I wish I was going to Newquay! I love it down there and when the weathers 'right' camping can be great fun. I hope they have a great time :o)

RUTH said...

I hope they have a good time. When the children were small we camped every summer on Pentewan Sands in Cornwall.

mrsnesbitt said...

Hope they have good weather! We have had a flood warning! Still, Jon had some chery words..."Soon be the longest day, then the nights will start drawing in! LOL!

Allotment Lady said...

Kathryn a nd her friends will have a brilliant time I am sure - whatever the weather.

A wildlife gardener said...

I hope it's a lot warmer for them in Newquay than the 8 degrees we're having here today, Libby, because we've had to put on the heating over the last three days, after having had beautiful weather on Sat and Sun last wknd. We've also had torrential rain, so our ponds are sitting high.

Love all your garden photos over the past few blogs. Everything is so lush and green. What a lot of hard work you have done, Libby! It's looking great.