Friday, October 19, 2007

I am Lighting the Rayburn!!!

Well complaints are rolling in, about how cold it is,so it must be that time of year again!!
Last year we lit (according to my blog) on the 31st October.
In all honesty I would probably have hung on a bit longer this year, but poor 'ol' T really feels the cold and sits infront of the fire wrapped up in a duvet, in fact when she is in her room she is wrapped in a duvet too!!!!
So the 1st lighting has taken place, it usually takes me 2 goes, the 1st one seems to warm things up then goes out, then the 2nd one catches and takes off. I use anthracite which is a very hard coal and can't be lit with just firelighters or paper rolls like housecoal can. I have to use lighters and wood!!!

do you like my new kettle?

For this weekend it will be unbelievably warm in the house, so windows will be opened and tanks of hot water will be run off, well the tanks of water will be run off all through the winter season. I know its not very green, so if anyone has any idea on how we can 'green up' please feel free to contact me, bearing in mind, we only have access for coal at the rear and no space for a tank or storage at the front!!!???

I've just been to check and the things lit?????? I can't believe it???????? On the 1st lighting, I must be getting good at it????????????????? It probably means it will go out sometime this weekend and we will have to do it all over again!!! lol!!!Theres something very friendly about its warmth!!!

I can't remember if I told you

The bubblewrap insulation came, opened up the box, no rubber??? Stupid company forgot, so checked invoice, not on there, checked order???? Oh dear not there either!! 'Twit head' here forgot to order the rubber glazing strips????? Yep! Thats right! So phoned them up 5-7 days delivery, not on your nelly!!! Looked on Ebay- to expensive! Went surfing, found another company, phoned them up and was told if I ordered by 11am I would get it next day!!!! Yesterday was the next day and guess what? Yep your right, no rubber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The situation is getting desperate, look this was taken at 7.45ish this morning

Just look at my big 'Brug' these plants are supposed to be very tender, this one has amazing survival watchimicallits? It stands in front of a large baytree, I have not covered it and still it blooms? The scent is magnificent as you walk past. Amazing!

all my 'brugs' are under the fleece!

and this is the wheelbarrow this morning too

Yesterday, even with my headache, I cleaned out and wrapped up with bubblewrap the small greenhouse and put in alot of important plants, so the heater was on in there last night. I have brought just one plant inside, so far as I have been informed that it will not even survive in the heated greenhouse, its currently in the kitchen!

Colocasia Black Magic!

Right off to get some heart warming porridge, before I go out and see why the red car wouldn't start this morning and whether I need to phone the garage. Hubby has nicked mine!!!!!!!

I took some amazing sky photos last night, they are over on my sky blog, if you would like a peek!


Gill said...

I would love a Rayburn or an Aga, they are SOOOOOOOOOOOO expensive here though.

Hope you are feeling better :-}

Take care

Sheila said...

At least your weather is seasonal. We are still having fairly warm humid days and nights go down to about 10C, so unusual for the time of year.
I hope you are feeling better, and also that the plants will be under cover before too long.
Have a lovely weekend Libby..!

Joanna said...

Hope your all wamr and toasty with the rayburn on. I got better at lighting fires. I found good kindling and some wood to start it off. I burnt wood mostly over the summer, as it was so much cheaper than the coal. i also found I had alot more control over getting the oven up to temperature.

I have only used coal in the last week again becuase I ran out of would. The coal is good for keeping in but I think a good mix of wood is good. I liked cooking and heating by wood I'm going to miss it.

New rayburn is going to be lit tomorrow, maybe. I noticed the first frost this morning, so have the woodburner going to keep us toasty

Mark said...

Libby you forgot these lllllllllllllllllllll....but i know what you meant

Cheers Mark

Allotment Lady said...

At least you get to recover a bit more before the op - and to get your beloved jungle plants well wrapped up for winter.

Wonderful photos

mrsnesbitt said...

Jon lit the Aga last night!

Off for a warm!


Ex-Shammickite said...

When I lived with my parents in UK we had a Rayburn, not a fancy blue one like yours though, ours was cream coloured. It boiled the water for tea, it made all the dinners and baked the cakes and it heated the water.... and it kept the whole house warm!
BTW I have posted pics of The Wedding... what a memorable weekend. I'll try to post a few more tomorrow.

Joanna said...

Come to see your lovely warm rayburn, again, as ours has gone and it cold. New ones in but the person who fitted it is hopeless, leaking pipes and its burning too much oil, So no nice warm kitchen yet. I have been putting the last of the coal on the multi fuel stove to keep the house warm. It seemed better to burn as the glass has all fallen out! Greenhouse is looking great lucky you.