Monday, October 22, 2007


And still not finished!!!! But wasn't it a glorious day yesterday!
Well the rubber/foam strips arrived late saturday, my post doesn't come till about 2pm!!! By the way is anyone still waiting for post from the postal strike? I am, 2 parcels, seem to have disappeared into the depths!!!!!!!

So we awoke on Sunday, rareing to go, ate a hearty breakfast and set off about 9.45am!! Now being the perfectionist I am, we had to scrape away all the old rubber, clean off all the bits before we could stick down the new!
Being such a lovely day we roped T into helping so set up the patio, table, chairs and yes parasol! It was so hot we caught the sun.
Anyway T was chief drink and lunch maker, she also entertained Tango who was not impressed about us being so busy and not being able to fuss him!

having scrapped and cleaned and stuck , I was able to start the glazing, whilst hubby scraped and cleaned the roof bars.

I can't remember what time this was but it is definately afternoon, and I have glazed the back and this side, whilst hubby is still up the ladder doing the roof

can you see where we have gone wrong???? I kid you not! A clue, what is missing from the roof? Got it yet?

Windows!!!! at this exact time I hadn't realised and by the time I had, the whole of the front had been glazed too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So what to do, we had to undo the apex and loosen all the roof struts, then grease and slide in the windows from the door end, praying to goodness that we don't crack any glass! It was flipping hard, but we did it and no breakages either!

I couldn't photograph the finished greenhouse last night as it was too dark and we had to finish, using the garden lights and large torches, of which we have a few, well we do live in the country!!! So we got back inside the house at 8pm, at which time we had a carry out!!!!! I had no energy to cook!

So here it is this morning

all thats left to do now is, hang the doors, bubble wrap and fit an automatic opener to one of the windows, I should also get some gravel delivered as I shall weed membrane and gravel down either side of the main path.

I need to do some shopping, sort out some other bits and pieces before the blue car has to go to the garage tonight, for its MOT tomorrow, so I shall probably finish all the bits and pieces in the greenhouse tomorrow when I'm carless!!!!!!!


Ex-Shammickite said...

The greenhouse is coming along really well, good thing you managed to get the glass in without breaking it. And it looks like a super blue sky day. We had the same weather here yesterday, I was out tidying up the garden and it was almost too hot to work!!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Whoohoo Libby, good job, almost finished now. I must say your new greenhouse looks great!

Any news on the OP yet?

mrsnesbitt said...

Well done Libby, a fantastic achievement!

Colder here today. Still, nice and warm with the Aga!


smilnsigh said...

You have the Flu! You were unable to have the operation, because of this! And you are running around like a 'chicken with her head cut off,' as the saying goes!

Ahemmm, what is wrong with this picture?<--Another saying.

-sigh- Don't you think you should be resting and getting over the Flu, so you can have your op?

Yes, I am being your "Old Aunt Tillie"! :-))))


Allotment Lady said...

Wow well done two - I remember when I put mine up in my last house. When I was single. I had help with the frame but was left to do everything else myself - to this day I still don't know how I managed it.

Sheer determination and stubborness I reckon.

You will be able to get an awful lot of tropical plants in those greenhouses now won't you.

You will be in 'heaven'.